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Facebook news feed

June 21, 2017
Facebook's News Feed algorithm is a practical solution, but its constant tweaks (on top of the new features Facebook frequently adds) drive marketers nuts.
Work Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm for More Brand Attention and Sales | Social Media Today
May 05, 2017
Facebook's testing out a new way to show users more content, with 'Topics to Follow' suggestions in your News Feed.
Facebook's Testing a New 'Topics to Follow' Option to Get More Content into Your News Feed | Social Media Today
April 23, 2017
Facebook's VP of News Feed Adam Mosseri recently presented a session on how the News Feed works and what they're looking to introduce next.
How Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm Works (and What’s Coming Next) | Social Media Today
March 30, 2017
Facebook is testing an alternate, topic-based News Feed, which could prove beneficial for marketers.
Facebook Experimenting with Alternate News Feed to Boost Content Discovery | Social Media Today
January 31, 2017
Facebook has announced a new News Feed algorithm update, this time focused on authentic and timely stories.
Facebook Updates News Feed to Focus on Authentic and Timely Content | Social Media Today
January 26, 2017
​Facebook has announced a new News Feed algorithm update which puts more emphasis on longer videos posted to the platform.
Facebook Updates News Feed Algorithm to Boost Longer Videos | Social Media Today
January 25, 2017
Facebook has announced another update for their Trending News section, including some important steps to eliminate potential bias.
Facebook Announces Update to Trending Topics, Reduces Potential Bias | Social Media Today
November 29, 2016
Twitter is a great way to stay informed, but also, to stay across varying perspectives.
November 28, 2016
An echo chamber is a space that surrounds us with similar attitudes to our own, which can greatly reduce our understanding.
How to Escape an Evolving Social Echo Chamber | Social Media Today
November 17, 2016
There's no doubt Facebook had some influence in the Presidential Election result - but what that influence was, and how we fix it, is a more challenging concern.
Fake News is a Problem on Facebook, but the Echo Chamber Effect is More Significant | Social Media Today