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January 03, 2017
Looking for ways to boost your social media marketing strategy in 2017? Here are some ideas.
5 Newer Social Media Marketing Options to Consider in 2017 | Social Media Today
December 28, 2016
With virtual assistants on the rise, will they become a bigger consideration for SEO purposes?
Virtual Assistant Optimization: The New SEO? | Social Media Today
December 23, 2016
Even in the final days leading into Christmas, the major social platforms are still squeezing out last-minute updates and features of note.
5 Social Platform Updates You Need to Know About – Christmas Edition | Social Media Today
December 22, 2016
Facebook has announced a new set of Facebook Live updates, though they’ll only be available to public figures with verified profiles. At least initially.
Facebook Releases New Facebook Live Updates – But Only for High Profile Users (at This Stage) | Social Media Today
December 22, 2016
What happens if Facebook eventually beats Snapchat at its own game?
Will Facebook Beat Snapchat at its Own Game – and What Will that Mean for the App? | Social Media Today
December 21, 2016
Here are some tips to help boost engagement on your Facebook Page.
6 Wауѕ Yоur Business Cаn Gеt More Out of Facebook | Social Media Today
December 20, 2016
Facebook is adding a new live-stream option - audio-only streams.
Facebook Introduces Audio-Only Facebook Live Broadcasts | Social Media Today
December 20, 2016
Facebook's adding new seasonal and event-themed prompts to get more users sharing more often.
Facebook Adding New Event Prompts to Boost Personal Sharing | Social Media Today
December 20, 2016
Instagram has unveiled a new update for Stories, including location stickers and hands-free recording.
Instagram Updates Stories for the Holidays, Adding Stickers and Hands-Free Recording | Social Media Today
December 17, 2016
Facebook has released its latest Hot Topics report, highlighting the issues that generated the most attention across both Facebook and Instagram in November.
The Most Discussed Issues on Facebook and Instagram in November [Infographic] | Social Media Today