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March 31, 2007
Eric Eldon, writing over at Matt Marshall's VentureBeat site, had a story yesterday that I must admit surprised me, even though I've sort of been assuming that Facebook is growing like a weed — my 17-year-old daughter and all her friends have signed up over the past few months, and so have I and...
March 20, 2007
The global war on widgets launched by MySpace since its acquisition by News Corp made the New York Times today in a piece about MySpace blocking the Hooka music player a few days it was put to use by MySpace's most visible user, a singer named Tila Nguyen, whose professional name is Tila Tequila...
March 16, 2007
Is it, or isn't it? Has social networking “jumped the shark”? According to this article , the first sign that the apocalypse is upon us is the fact that the Girl Scout cookies have their own MySpace page (who knew that they were female and 90 years old??). The question is whether the introduction...
February 25, 2007
Want to know who of your Facebook friends are single? You can see all a complete list, with percentages, by clicking here . Thanks to Mashable! for the tip on this one. Share This link to original post