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google adwords

December 23, 2014
In 2014, we gained access to a lot of new features on Google AdWords that advertisers were pretty jazzed about. Here are the top 10 AdWords features of 2014, as recommended by PPC experts.
October 28, 2014
If you want to really bury the competition, you have to move beyond the AdWords basics and get creative. I went searching for the AdWords features with the lowest adoption – we're talking under 10% – that have the greatest potential for impact. I'm going to help you cut the learning curve by sharing five of my favorite underused AdWords features that could change your AdWords fate by +30% or more.
July 28, 2014
Deciding between Google Adwords and Facebook ads? All eCommerce and small business owners face this choice between the two most powerful pay per click advertising options on the web. Each platform provides unique advantages. For example, the Google keyword tool enables marketers to make highly researched keyword targeting decisions, while Facebook ad’s targeting options deliver extremely precise ads.
July 11, 2014
This past year has brought a proliferation of changes to the results from typical queries we see on search engines. Year after year, personal search results have become more sophisticated. Now our historical searches, friend groups, interests and other key factors influence our personal search results. This has forced progressive businesses to re-evaluate the way they target their consumers.
July 30, 2013
Recently, Google announced they’re changing how they report AdWords quality scores. They aren’t changing how the quality scores are calculated, just how they’re reported. You should spend some time analyzing your AdWords campaigns to see how you stack up.
July 25, 2013
Google has already been encouraging advertisers to upgrade their ad campaigns for some time, but Monday marked an official transition for Google Adwords as the search engine giant began transitioning all of its existing AdWords campaigns into what it calls “Enhanced Campaigns.”
July 08, 2013
The new Google Enhanced Adword Campaigns automatically go live on all accounts July 22nd, and this is going to be a very powerful ad platform in the right hands. The ability to focus your ads by time, location and device is a huge leap forward, allowing you to budget and plan to get your ads seen by the people you want to see them at the optimal time for them to do business with you.
June 11, 2013
Google's upcoming change to image extensions is going to dramatically change the game for AdWords advertisers. Learn what is changing, how to prepare, and strategies to position yourself ahead of the competition.
July 08, 2012
Google Adwords are a great replacement for traditional marketing venues, such as newspapers and radio advertising, if used correctly. Too often I come across business owners seduced by Google Adwords ‘ offer of $100 in free credits to try the service. Too often the account is set up with little or...
June 05, 2012
Most online marketers know that paid ads (whether Google Adwords ads, Facebook ads or any other) must be written in a compelling way that peaks the interest of their target audience. Recently, GM pulled a $10 million advertising account from Facebook, claiming that the ads "don't work." Apparently, the auto industry giant determined that the impact on consumers isn't worth the ad spend. The question is, are Facebook ads really becoming ineffective, or is it the way GM's ads were written that was the problem? Today, the content of an ad (or any written material, including blog posts, articles, etc.) must be tightly targeted and written in a way that grabs the readers attention, plays on their emotions, compels them to want to find out more. Was this simply failure on GM's part to write effective ads, or is it something more?