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Google algorithm

September 28, 2016
Google’s latest Penguin update is now operating on a real-time basis - and anyone looking to boost their SEO needs to pay attention.
Google Penguin 4.0 – It’s Here, It’s Real-Time, and You Need to Respect it | Social Media Today
September 03, 2015
Having trouble staying up with Google's algorithm updates? The team an OnCrawl have put together an infographic which details every major Google algorithm update from the past 12 years.
Google Algorithm Updates - 2003 to 2015 | Social Media Today
April 19, 2015
Did you know that 67 percent of fortune 100 companies are not mobile friendly and that 61 percent of total web traffic comes from mobile devices? Google is changing its mobile search algorithm, and because of this, mobile friendly websites will rise to the top of mobile searches after April 21 2015.
google mobile algorithm
March 28, 2015
We’ve all seen how the relentless march to mobile is changing the way we do business. People are using mobile devices to search for what they want, whether it’s information to win an argument or running shoes to train for a local marathon. They also probably found out about that marathon online and often used their phone to see where to run. After that, the miles they ran may have been boasted about on social media.
mobile friendly website
March 22, 2015
it’s no surprise that marketers are all a-buzz about the announcement by Google on February 26th that provided two pieces of information inconsistent with previous Google index updates. First, this next algorithm update is focused exclusively on mobile search results. Secondly, Google communicated a date that this update will go into affect.
google mobile and search
March 21, 2015
Every business owner needs to know something about search engine optimization. If you don’t, your company could be burned, as mine was when Google’s Penguin update came along in 2012.
SEO and Business Owners
December 14, 2014
The search industry, and SEO as a whole, has come a long way from the days of link bait tactics and keyword stuffing, developing at an unparalleled rate. While old school SEO focused solely on keywords and targeted search engines, modern search engine optimization has become much more sophisticated and integrated.
November 16, 2014
Online marketers are now drawing out the best advantage that they can get from using the different Google APIs for their business. A Google API consists of a Java Script that allows a third party to interact with the different Google services and to integrate its multimedia, feed based or search based content to its applications.
September 08, 2014
If, unlike some of us, you don't obsess about what's going on in the world of search and website optimization, you might have missed the fanfare and analysis that surrounded Google's latest major algorithm update, dubbed "Pigeon."
August 20, 2014
It is more important than ever to be visible on Yelp these days. Google recently launched a major search algorithm update for local English-based search results in the U.S. The update is more than just another tweak to Google’s main algorithm, which seems to be tweaked about every 10 seconds. The Pigeon update has a substantial impact on organic listings for local businesses on Google Web Search and Google Map Search.