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google analytics

May 05, 2017
The data in provided by Facebook Insights and Google Analytics is different, which can lead to mis-matches. Here are some of the variations you need to be aware of.
8 Reasons Why Google Analytics Data Will Never Match Your Facebook Insights | Social Media Today
April 21, 2017
Google has announced a new set of updates for Google Analytics, voice recognition for Google Home and an ad blocker for Google Chrome.
Google Announces Updates for Google Analytics, Google Home and an Ad Blocker for Chrome | Social Media Today
January 19, 2017
Here are three lesser known tips for using Google Analytics data to better focus your marketing efforts and identify new opportunities.
3 Ways to Find New Opportunities with Google Analytics | Social Media Today
September 08, 2016
Last week, Google announced that it has added real-time, AI-enhanced reporting capabilities , as well as easier sharing of data, to its popular Analytics site analysis software.
Google Analytics Gets an AI Boost | Social Media Today
July 23, 2016
Using Google Analytics properly makes you a far more effective digital marketer. This infographic outlines the key ways content marketers can utilize the tool.
Google Analytics: The A-to-Z Guide for Content Marketers [Infographic] | Social Media Today
July 01, 2016
Zoomcar has used social media analytics to fuel their growth and become the second largest car-sharing company in the developing world.
How Zoomcar Uses Analytics to Maximize Their Digital Marketing Efforts | Social Media Today
May 17, 2016
While overall traffic is obviously a key indicator of your website's performance, there are several other factors you should look to track via Google Analytics.
Top B2B Website Metrics to Monitor Using Google Analytics
July 29, 2015
Facebook is the undisputed king of consumer data, with vast troves of information on our every habit, interest and personal interactions that we’ve unconsciously developed for them over our time using The Social Network. But don’t sleep on Google and their data stores, they too have access to a wide range of consumer information, likely wider than you realize.
Google Highlights Extent of Data Tracking with Two New Features | Social Media Today
March 06, 2015
Would you like to better convert traffic to your blog or website to a real sale? Do you wish you knew more about your customer? Wish you knew what content is truly engaging your audience? How about the top traffic sources to your blog or website?
January 16, 2015
Do you want tighten up your social media strategy for 2015? There’s something about the New Year that gets everybody inspired to make a shift for the better in all areas of their lives, especially in business. The social media landscape is always changing so fast that it makes it difficult to move year-to-year without some needed adjustments to stay on course.