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Google Search Results

March 22, 2017
Google has added a new set of one-tap search options to connect people to what they're looking for faster.
Google Adds New 'One-Tap' Search Options to the Google App | Social Media Today
August 22, 2015
Every week, Google details, via its official blog , some of the most popular search terms from the previous week. It’s an insightful read – what trends in search is also, largely, what’s trending on social media and other channels, and Google’s wrap-up can provide some perspective on topics to watch and even consider tapping into with your own marketing efforts.
Deez Nuts More Popular Than Hillary? Google Search Volume Says ‘Yes’ | Social Media Today
August 21, 2015
Get ready for your tweets to be a more important part of your overall marketing and SEO puzzle, Google has announced today that real-time tweets, which have been appearing in mobile search results for the last few months , are now showin g in desktop result too.
Tweets Now Appearing in Google Desktop Searches | Social Media Today
August 14, 2015
Search Engine Land has reported that some users are now seeing Twitter results in Google search queries, a significant step in the Google/Twitter relationship. Why is it this deal so significant? Because the potential impacts of tweets in search could have a big bearing on online brand representation.
Tweets Coming to Google Search via Desktop – Who Cares? You do | Social Media Today
July 15, 2015
In May last year, Google announced it would grant individuals the right to remove certain information about themselves from Google’s search database. The move was a controversial one, with many people voicing their concerns about giving criminals the ability to effectively hide their misdeeds from...
Google Provides Details on “Right to be Forgotten” Requests | Social Media Today
June 28, 2014
Building an online presence for your brand is hard work. It's not a 'set it and forget it' strategy. And because of the time and financial commitment you're investing, it makes sense to make it as easy as possible for people to know where you are online and how to connect with you there.
April 07, 2014
We hear it every day. ‘I want to be number one on Google.’ Of course you do. Because when your boss does a few searches and doesn’t find you there, you hear about it, right? You probably see that messaging filling your inboxes from inquiring ‘SEO’ companies that promise to ‘make it happen’.