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February 02, 2015
The recent events in Paris demonstrated how powerful so-called “dark social media” can be, when it comes to organizing propaganda below the radar. The growing interest from political bodies for this notion of underground social conversations could legitimize privacy threats to better monitor digital users. Nonetheless, even if the notion seems to have been only recently coined, “dark social” started ages ago, with instant messengers, and later, newsgroups. It did not seem to be a problem until now.
July 19, 2014
Most CIOs would prefer to be freed from the burden of managing software license compliance. It's one of the primary reasons why open source software subscriptions are appealing.
July 02, 2014
Social media is where public thinking happens. So if you want to be a thought leader, you must lead on social media. Lead not only on social media, but like the tree falling in the woods, if you want to be heard you’ve got to fall among thinking people.
June 30, 2014
Social business is fundamentally about changing behaviors of employees, and therefore of organizations. That kind of change is difficult. There are often those within any organization that will either hark back to a bygone age, or want to preserve the status quo. Both groups will often obstruct change.
June 29, 2014
Employees today (especially your younger talent) need - almost expect - to have their voices heard. Staff who’ve grown up in the days of social sharing bring a culture of open communication and engagement. That expectation of being involved is likely trickling up to your more senior levels too.
June 29, 2014
When the time comes to advertise a new vacancy for your business, there are lots of things you need to consider to ensure you get the best candidates applying and you receive relevant, qualified applications that have a genuine interest in your business.
June 28, 2014
Wednesday saw an important announcement from the New York Attorney General. He announced that Barclays Bank is to be prosecuted concerning their operation of a ‘dark pool’. A dark pool is a private trading area which a bank can operate on behalf of its clients, or anyone else granted access.
June 21, 2014
More businesses are turning every month to social media management agencies to make sure that their company stays in the game and abreast of the now changed marketing landscape. There's nothing wrong with that approach at all if your circumstances warrant outsourcing such a vital piece of your strategy.
June 21, 2014
By now the world is recognizing the power employee advocacy can give to corporations. Recent data gives a glimpse at what any organization’s base of employees, provided with proper training and an automated platform for sharing, can do.
June 20, 2014
It wasn't so long ago that social media was a completely new thing. Four years ago, many people didn’t know what social media was let alone the effect it would have on all of our lives. It was an exciting interactive medium which suddenly took the world by storm.