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Government 2.0

November 04, 2014
In 2011 an IBM computer, Watson, beat human competitors at Jeopardy!, a new landmark in artificial intelligence. Now, hundreds of Watsons are in operation - not as room-sized computers, but operating "in the cloud," as distributed software across thousands of open-source servers. People can access the intellect and computing power of these Watsons through any computing device connected to the internet.
July 17, 2014
Social media isn't just a reflection of the world - it is part of the world. How your organization conducts itself on social channels can significantly shape community views, creating a positive or negative impression.
July 03, 2014
The health care arena has undergone drastic changes over the past few years, and technology and legislative compliance are at the heart of those changes as it relates to security and the cloud. The federal government recently made two endorsements of cloud technology, a move that validates the trusted security available with the cloud.
cloud security
July 02, 2014
Social media is where public thinking happens. So if you want to be a thought leader, you must lead on social media. Lead not only on social media, but like the tree falling in the woods, if you want to be heard you’ve got to fall among thinking people.
June 24, 2014
While most of the media are focusing on ISIS’s use of social media to post gruesome pictures and slick videos, The Atlantic took a deeper dive into how ISIS is gaming Twitter. For example, ISIS understands that it only takes a handful of tweeters to steal a hashtag. Thus, they initially assembled a group of a couple hundred tweeters.
June 17, 2014
In April, Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis ordered a police raid to shut down the expletive-laden Twitter parody account @PeoriaMayor. 29-year old Jim Daniels created the account (now renamed @NotPeoriaMayor for clarity sake) as a joke. He tweeted in the first person about “the mayor’s” drug-laden sexual escapades.
June 13, 2014
The FCC has received more than 45,000 comments on net neutrality proposals since May 15th, largely due to the effort of Last Week Tonight host John Oliver’s 13-minute rant on his June 1st episode. Here’s what we can learn from Oliver’s organized army.
June 10, 2014
In the Bergdahl case, Politwoops captures the hypocrisy of five legislators and one governor. Their initial celebration of an American soldier being brought home from our enemy’s prison camp was the right sentiment. Regardless of any other criticisms of the man, the President or the process, the compassionate thing to do is to rejoice.
June 06, 2014
The average American believes that when they post a private message on Facebook, send an instant message on Google, or use SnapChat, that only the party the message is intended for is the person who will receive it. The truth is, the Constitution does not guarantee you the “right to privacy” in the way you may think it does.
June 03, 2014
The #YesAllWomen hashtag explosion is one part of what must be a multi-pronged effort to shift cultural norms. Unlike the #BringBackOurGirls hashtag campaign, which has a discrete, immediate goal, #YesAllWomen is the tip of a campaign iceberg that will need to be deep and ongoing to create the kind of change that is needed.