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Tuesday, June 20th


March 01, 2013
It doesn’t feel like that long ago when the likes of MySpace and Friendster were enjoying their limelight. But once users find their new social haven, the preceding monster social sites are forgotten, and the active user numbers are left dwindling down.
May 08, 2012
With more and more companies and products falling prey to acqui-hires, some important questions must be asked: Why purchase a profitable, marketable service just to shut it down? Who holds the responsibility towards the existing users who are left behind? And how does this acquisition pattern affect the relationship between start-ups and potential users?
February 16, 2012
Guest article by Kayle Hatt , a Canadian political organizer who works with candidates on field organizing and communication and who earlier wrote about candidates and social media and about social media in that far distant land to the North . Kayle’s been awol from the site b/c of successive...
July 01, 2011
We're halfway through 2011, and a lot has happened in social media. As over 1,000 Social networks fight and innovate to grab their piece of the social networking space, the first six months of the year have included new features, redesigns, acquisitions, and IPOs... But who have been the biggest winners and losers of 2011?
November 08, 2010
Despite the buzz around location-based services, I have been ambivalent, if not skeptical about the technology. As much as social media has encouraged people to share information, I have not been convinced there is the same amount of enthusiasm for broadcasting your location.There’s the issue of...
October 07, 2010
Welcome to the world of location-based services. These applications are changing the way people experience everyday activities like shopping, eating, traveling, watching a movie or taking a picture. Location-based service strategies include any application that has the ability to share an...
August 19, 2010
The official luanch of Facebook's new location-based application, Facebook Places, has a few people talking and many of us wondering what this means for business - if anything at all. Here are five things you should know about Facebook Places right now:
April 23, 2010
Yesterday Mashable posted this biased claim about Foursquare winning the geolocation war. While the infographics are very cool looking, I think many people are being blinded by the “media darling” status of Foursquare. Take a look at the infographic, specifically at the pie chart measuring...