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January 24, 2017
Facebook's putting more focus on Groups - which could present new opportunities for brands.
Facebook Looking to Improve Groups – New Opportunities to Consider | Social Media Today
January 13, 2017
Facebook's testing a new discussion topics tool in Groups to help better categorize areas of discussion.
Facebook's Testing Discussion Topics in Groups | Social Media Today
January 10, 2017
Facebook is testing a new application questionnaire feature for Facebook groups to help refine and improve the group membership process.
Facebook's Looking to Improve Group Member Moderation with Application Questions | Social Media Today
May 10, 2015
With things like big data and GoToMeeting, large groups of people can collaborate over great distances, using this data to make a series of decisions about their new website. And then once they’ve implemented these decisions, a new group of folks comes in to question everything – usually a board of directors or someone from the C-Level. Sound familiar? It’s never pretty.
groupthink website
December 14, 2014
I’ve looked before at what prompts people to stand up and propose a new and radical way of doing things. Research suggests that before people stand out from the crowd, they generally scan their environment to see how safe it is for them to do so.
November 17, 2014
A fundamental part of being a sense and respond organization is the ability for change to occur from throughout the organization. Suffice to say however, few have really achieved that hallowed place, with most change projects still requiring an executive sponsor to help disseminate things widely.
November 09, 2014
Facebook is where I connect with friends/colleagues on a personal level, Twitter is where I share news with a larger sphere, but LinkedIn, I’m finding, is actually where I learn things.
April 25, 2012
Whenever I post, everyone who has circled me will see my public post in his stream, relevant or not. Business post or personal stuff, it doesn’t matter.To separate my sharing I need to choose a circle with members I have added, but what about members that have circled me but I haven’t circled them?
October 21, 2011
"When I facilitate the events, I promise participants two key things: 1. They will leave the event with a long list of new ideas to put into practice immediatly, and 2. They will leave the event with an extended network of practitioners to collaborate with, learn from and gain support from in their day to day efforts."
September 25, 2011
"For businesses you need to not just keep track of your circles individually but you need a way to track your circles over the course of a relationships and across a number of different tools. Trying to do this in your head or on a napkin will be an impossible task."