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February 02, 2017
Here are some key tips to help protect yourself from online hackers and security threats.
Do You Know What It Feels Like To Get Hacked? | Social Media Today
August 25, 2016
Social media connects us to the wider world, but that also means we're more open to security threats. Here's some of the more common security issues you need to be aware of.
The Top 5 Social Media Security Risks You Need to be Aware of | Social Media Today
June 02, 2016
Following the recent LinkedIn data hack, account details from MySpace and Tumblr have now gone on sale on the black market - which may be more relevant than you'd think.
November 19, 2015
The risk of advertising moving online is that the ad is no longer a physical object. Instead it is a bunch of ones and zeros, and it is therefore much more vulnerable to thieves and hackers. Well duh. But it still hasn't really sunk in just how great a risk digital advertising actually could be.
xindi fraud
September 08, 2015
Pe ople are hacked all the time, celebrities are sending out absurd tweets and the Ashley Madison fiasco over the summer has us all thinking, how do we build a security fortress?
August 06, 2015
Recently shaken by a security scandal involving mobile devices that could be hacked by a malicious text message without owners being aware of it, Google has promised to make efforts to regularly update the security systems of its Android operating system. While this is a step in the right direction, actually improving Android security is a complicated endeavor.
mobile risk
July 20, 2015
Ashley Madison , a service that connects married persons looking to have an affair, was the victim of a widespread cyber attack that compromised the data of approximately 37.5 million users.
June 04, 2015
For the past few years, major organizations have dropped the ball on cybersecurity again and again. Retailers , insurance providers , educational institutions and even the U.S. government have all exposed inordinate amounts of their customers’ personal, financial and sometimes even medical information.
May 19, 2015
In November 2014, a hackers-for-hire site called Hacker’s List starting offering their services to the public. “Need to break the law, but lack the technology chops to do it yourself?” asked tech writer Lisa Vaas. “Now, as they say, there's an app for that.” The site matches hackers with clients anonymously. Think Task Rabbit for your more unseemly online activities. It’s Craigslist for private espionage. As you might imagine, it became very popular very fast.
December 20, 2014
Protecting your WordPress website from hackers in 2015 will be a bit more complicated than adding a secure password to your login screen. We’ve seen it all. Hackers, like tiny mice that search for small nooks and crannies in your website’s framework, use every trick in the book to bypass your protection parameters. In the last few days, there was a HUGE WordPress website hack that exploited an outdated plugin that compromised more than 100,000 websites!