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Image search

March 11, 2017
Pinterest is making their new Lens feature available to more users.
Pinterest Rolls Out Pinterest Lens to all US Users, Adds New Options | Social Media Today
February 02, 2017
Facebook has announced the latest evolution of their image recognition capabilities.
Facebook’s Evolving Image Recognition Technology Offers New Opportunities | Social Media Today
January 05, 2017
A new Chrome extension enables you to see Facebook's image recognition tools in action.
New Chrome Extension Highlights Development of Facebook’s Automated Image Recognition Tools | Social Media Today
December 19, 2016
Here are some key tips to help make it easier to find relevant content images on photo sites.
Your Pain-Free Guide to Searching for Stock Photos
August 26, 2016
Facebook has released an update into their advances in image recognition AI, which may be closer to functional reality than you'd think.
Facebook Showcases Examples of Advanced Image Recognition AI, Future Possibilities | Social Media Today
April 06, 2016
Facebook has this week unveiled a new automated image identification system which uses AI to describe the contents of photos. The announcement has significant implications for future data possibilties.
Facebook Automated Captions Improve Accessibility, Provide Additional Insights | Social Media Today
February 01, 2015
The story of Adi Pinhas, the co-founder of, gives us an idea of how much hard work and dedication goes into a company. Adi co-founded Superfish which is a visual search company based out of Palo Alto, California.
February 04, 2013
About ten days ago, Google released Google Image Search for the desktop, which was earlier launched for tablets. This is an interesting experience for both desktop and tablet users. The new search option has affected the website traffic rate.