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May 14, 2015
Image sharing is a huge part of social media isn't it? And when was the last time you Googled to find just the right image to illustrate your point? Stop that. Stop it now! Why? Well simply put most of the images you find in a Google search may well have a copyright on them and if you don't know the source and use it anyway you could be liable for violating copyright laws.
dont be a pirate
May 11, 2015
Without images, your content is not compelling. How much time are you wasting creating, finding and resizing images? Are you sure you're making them the right size to load quickly while staying sharp and grabbing attention on social networks?
April 19, 2015
When you are performing social media marketing for your business, it is important that you use images. What’s the need of images when I have such amazing text, you might ask. There are various reasons for that. Firstly, a visitor spends just a few seconds on a web page before moving on to another one. So, you have just that much time to attract the attention of the viewers to make them stay longer.
April 17, 2015
You know what they say: “a picture is worth a thousand words”. And thanks to social media and time poor consumers, now more than ever is this true. But as a small business owner, searching for and buying the perfect image to use on social media and your website is not only time consuming but can be expensive. Check out our top picks for FREE stock image sites and libraries.
April 05, 2015
You’ve heard it said that images and videos are the golden ticket on social media. Well, I must say I disagree. Good images are the ticket. That one little modifier—good—qualifies the whole idea. From Snapchat to Instagram to Twitter to Facebook, there are enough bad images floating around out there to make me want to scroll faster every time I get online. But take heart, finding good images and shooting good video are both within your grasp. Let’s take a look at 11 easy fixes to help you avoid the ho-hum of bad images on social media.
April 04, 2015
Social media is growing up, and "teenagers are more expensive than toddlers." It is harder than ever to reach your audience since social networks continue to adjust their algorithms to serve up "interesting content" to users. Check out this post to learn how to increase your Reach without increasing your budget.
Social media images
March 13, 2015
Anybody who’s ever worked in sales or digital marketing jobs will well be aware that the bowels of the internet contain a plethora of stock images. Some of these images are fantastic: cool, fresh and visually arresting photos that catch eyes and win clicks. Some are okay…they serve a purpose and show a useful concept, even if they aren’t the most original images you’ve ever seen.
March 10, 2015
Some things bear repeating, and this is one of them. I’m sure you’ve been told before how important images are to success in social media. If you haven’t, you should question your choice of friends and/or business associates. My two cents.
March 04, 2015
72% of Americans are walking around with high definition cameras and high-speed internet connections in their pockets. Is your brand photo ready? Is your brand even photo friendly? Do you still try to communicate with your audience with words? Do you think of visuals as just decoration for your copy?
January 23, 2015
If you aren't using captivating images, your conversion rates will be low and your content won't take off. Right now any image is an advantage on Twitter - but that won't last forever. Not just any image will do when everyone uses images. Find out more about where to put images and how to choose them here. Plus: Ways to acquire free images that monetize your site.