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July 05, 2017
Here are some key tips on how to make connections with relevant influencers, and ensure they create the most engaging content for your brand.
4 Key Ways to Connect with Influencers and Maximize your Influencer Marketing Efforts | Social Media Today
July 02, 2017
With influencer marketing on the rise, contributor Melonie Dodaro offers some key tips to help connect and grow your influencer relationships.
7 Strategies for Effective Influencer Marketing | Social Media Today
April 03, 2017
Micro-influencers are not as big (or expensive) as major celebrities, but can be just as effective for your business.
Social Media Micro-Influencers: What They Are and Where to Find Them | Social Media Today
March 23, 2017
An effective influencer marketing strategy involves a lot of research and collaboration.
How to Build an Effective Influencer Marketing Strategy | Social Media Today
March 23, 2017
Looking to learn more about influencers and how they work? Here's an overview from contributor Tom Ward.
Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Influencers (But Were Afraid To Ask) | Social Media Today
March 15, 2017
In this post, contributor Lucy Rendler-Kaplan examines the concept of influencer marketing and how to utilize it.
What is "Influencer Marketing" Really? | Social Media Today
February 15, 2017
Influencer marketing is on the rise, with more businesses looking to make investment in influencer programs in 2017.
February 15, 2017
Influencer marketing is on the rise, so how can you become an influencer yourself and maximize the benefits?
5 Ways to Become an Influencer | Social Media Today
November 04, 2016
Here at Social Media Today we are committed to bringing our readers fresh ideas from the greatest minds in Social Media. The Ask SMT series brings our influencers together to explore the questions that are on the minds of our readers. Question: What network do you think has the most untapped...
October 31, 2016
At the recent Advertising Week conference, a panel discussed the importance of authenticity in influencer marketing programs. Here are their key lessons.