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influencer engagement

July 15, 2014
For anyone using social media for the purpose of promoting or growing followers, social media influencers will always be important. A social media influencer is someone who is recognised for work in their field and has a strong social media following.
June 13, 2012
Pierre- Loïc Assayag, co-founder and chief disrupter of Traacker, discusses how brands can incorporate influencer engagement to improve their marketing strategy.
October 19, 2011
When brands first start to market themselves with Social Media, they falsely believe that “likes,” “follows” and “impressions” are great indicators of success. Although that can be useful data, it’s only as useful as it is to say “one million people drive by this billboard every day.” It’s not indicative of success, just views.
February 01, 2010
Influencer Engagement is when you identify a collection of medium-to-high influence social media publishers - people with their own blogs, Twitter handles or communities - and you invite them into play a role with a brand or organization via social media. Simple example is identifying the top 50...