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internet privacy

August 10, 2014
As flexible working as grown in recent years, the cafe has increasingly become a place to go and work, whether you base yourself in one for the majority of your day or pop in for meetings.
July 22, 2014
Social media is everywhere these days. What started as an amusing online pastime is now one of the main ways in which people communicate with one another. However, as should be expected with over 2 billion people using a service, with the increased popularity of social media has also come increased risks.
November 14, 2011
We have a give and take relationship when it comes to social media and online privacy issues. There are some common sense steps we can take to help protect our privacy while still enjoying the internet.
February 07, 2010
Everyone knows there are certain pieces of information that you just don't share online, right? What if you used Twitter or Foursquare to broadcast your location at a bar, and an axe murderer was reading your stream? You just signed your own death sentence. Or how about sharing details about where...
May 13, 2009
Have you ever thought about that?? Well, now you can have answer! I have "wasted" 23 hours 16 mins 7 sec. I think that's a pretty good return on the amount of relationships that I have built on Twitter. As much as blogging is an important part of social media, I think Twitter is the best place to...
April 30, 2009
I read the following deck from Joshua Scribner over at Luis Suarez , and although it refers to IBMers, the general idea can be adopted to any employee considering opening a facebook profile and has some privacy concerns. Luis and Joshua are the top 2 BlueIQ ambassadors, an internal IBM program that...
March 22, 2009
In case you've been living under a rock, there have been some major changes to a few social networks lately. There's the “more” button at the bottom of one's Twitter page , which allows you to see more of that person's tweets without having to go to a completely different, “older” page like you...
March 12, 2009
Spotted via the team at Plaid is this piece from AdAge that questions whether Facebook is the new Google. Obviously not in terms of search, but in terms of profile, ubiquity and driving traffic to websites. Facebook has a third of Google's traffic in the US (50 vs 149 million unique visitors in...
February 11, 2009
Following the post on Clustering the thoughts of Twitter users , it is time to look at another example where Twitter can be used. So i decided to analyze -just-1054 tweets that are about Amazon's e-reader kindle to see what i could come up with. My goal was not to classify between positive or...
February 02, 2009
This is a cautionary tale. I've been thinking about this for awhile. Having noticed how much social networks and communities have grown exponentially recently, I've noticed that people do things within the context of what we consider New Media, i.e. social networks, and then ultimately regret it...