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September 03, 2014
Reddit has finally launched its first mobile app, an app created specifically for browsing and participating in its "Ask Me Anything" interviews with celebs and other public figures. For a site with such a large mobile user base, what does this mean for reddit? Why now and why is it just for one part of the site?
January 28, 2013
These are the 22 iPhone apps I can't live without, including both old favorites and the newest kids on the block.
October 07, 2010
Welcome to the world of location-based services. These applications are changing the way people experience everyday activities like shopping, eating, traveling, watching a movie or taking a picture. Location-based service strategies include any application that has the ability to share an...
April 22, 2009
Here's the honest truth: finding good apps takes work. The best ways to do it are to link in to a group of like-minded people via twitter or subscribe to RSS feeds that are experts in the genres you're looking for. Then filter by iPhone app. Developers are frustrated because of the signal-to-noise...