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job search

April 08, 2017
McDonald's Australia is letting people apply for jobs via Snapchat as part of a new trial.
Job Applications via Snapchat? McDonald’s Tries Out New Initiative | Social Media Today
March 01, 2017
Facebook recently announced a new option to post vacant positions on your Page - here's how to use it.
How to Create Job Postings on Facebook | Social Media Today
February 20, 2017
Facebook's new Jobs option is an interesting, if incomplete, option for businesses.
February 16, 2017
Facebook has confirmed that the're rolling out new job listings to all business Pages, starting with North American-based organizations.
Facebook’s Rolling Out a New Job Posting Option for Pages | Social Media Today
June 01, 2016
While resumes have long been the staple method for finding and hiring new employees, there are now more opportunities to showcase your skills, and for employers to find out about them.
Ryan Erskine Personal Branding
May 13, 2015
For most of us, social media represents an easy way to be entertained and connect with our friends and family. Facebook boasts a huge, active user base of over 1 billion people. Twitter has over 600 million unique tweeters. Tumblr has 300 million unique visitors every year. That accounts for a lot of people and a lot of social media real estate. What many people may not know is how social media has come to be a major deciding factor in their future employment. One study released recently has suggested that 10% of all job applicants between the ages of 16 and 34 are rejected simply because of something on their social media accounts.
March 02, 2015
Social media has moved on from ambiguous status updates about how much you miss your ex or sharing hundreds of pictures of cats. Now it can prove beneficial when it comes to searching for your next job.
November 20, 2014
The world of recruitment advertising has evolved dramatically over time. Traditionally, a company would put up a job advert on a noticeboard in the job centre, or in the local newspaper, and people would mail their applications over to the hiring manager. Fast forward to the birth of the internet which turned recruitment on its head.
November 02, 2014
The likes of LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ have made it a lot easier to find and approach candidates when you’re trying to fill a role, but how do you know when you’re taking social media too far?
August 04, 2014
When you think of job seeking using social media, what is the first network that pops into your head? If you didn’t think of LinkedIn immediately, then you’re probably in the minority.