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March 08, 2017
In the age of social media, is it okay to get information about applicants from their Facebook and Twitter accounts?
The Pros and Cons of Doing Background Checks in the Age of Social Media | Social Media Today
November 09, 2016
Facebook is trialing a new job listings option for some Pages, which could eventually become a threat to LinkedIn.
Facebook Introduces Job Listings, a Potential Threat to LinkedIn | Social Media Today
June 09, 2016
LinkedIn can be a great resource for job seekers, but it's only truly effective if you approach your LinkedIn job search with a plan.
How To Find A Job On LinkedIn: Employer Outreach Strategy | Social Media Today
June 02, 2016
If you're looking to maximize your chances of landing your dream job, then you'll need a great LinkedIn profile. In this post, LinkedIn expert Melonie Dodaro outlines the key requirements.
How to Find a Job on LinkedIn With An Employer Focused Profile | Social Media Today
April 11, 2016
It takes just 90 seconds for a potential employer to decide whether to give you the job, according to career experts – and these days, that first minute and a half is likely to be spent checking you out online.
How To Master The Digital First Impression [Infographic] | Social Media Today
August 01, 2015
If there’s one tip, one piece of advice, I would give any job seeker, it’s to learn how to use social media to help in your job search. Having a LinkedIn profile is an essential first step, but the real power and advantage of social media for job seekers is the ability to research employers, connect with them, and establish relationships.
Job Interview Picture
June 25, 2014
There are hundreds, if not thousands, of articles about building your personal brand during your job search. One thing that is often left out is the importance of building consistency throughout your profiles. Large brands understand that in order to have their message ingrained in the minds of their target demographic, they must consistently use the same messaging.
June 05, 2014
As any brand knows, reputation goes a long way – and the same can be said with a job board. If a friend of yours was looking for a similar position, ask yourself if you’d recommend the job board in question. If the answer is ‘no’, ask yourself why – and then consider whether it’s worth you continuing to use it.
May 06, 2013
I just had dinner with a job-seeking friend lamenting the number of jobs listed in the local paper. It seems someone may be missing out on three-quarters of all available jobs: LinkedIn. (He confirmed he’s on LinkedIn, in case anyone is concerned.)