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Lead Nurturing

March 06, 2015
Many professional services firms are great at what they do, but struggle to produce enough leads to grow their business. What would you say if I told you that there's a way to generate new opportunities for your firm without cold-calling or mass email blasts? The answer is marketing automation.
February 05, 2015
“When you've got 10,000 people trying to do the same thing, why would you want to be number 10,001?” asks Mark Cuban. Or, let’s be honest, why would you want to be anything other than number one? In the cutthroat world of online advertising, however, it can be a struggle.
November 14, 2014
How does lead nurturing work, from start to finish? In this article I will share an effective strategy to find success in your inbound marketing campaign.
September 01, 2014
Segmenting leads into targeted lists will allow your organization to be more relevant with your messaging and achieve greater engagement through your email marketing efforts.
April 19, 2013
Marketers, the Internet might not be your friend after all. It’s changed the way that consumers shop for products, which means that when they first convert into leads they’re a lot less sales-ready than they used to be. Here are some ways to ensure your lead nurturing isn’t a bust.
July 25, 2012
I’ve been pushing social media for measurable sales outcomes for more than three years. Yet, I recently concluded “lead introduction” rather than generation is a more realistic expectation. Here's why.
July 25, 2012
Every website visitor to a B2B site is treated like a little gold nugget. Yes, some nuggets are more valuable than others and through lead nurturing you can learn about your prospect and take the right approach to keep your brand top-of-mind or guide them down the sales pipeline.
July 12, 2012
The quarter is over. A great time to reflect on the sales cycle... which I did while doing a little fishing last week. How long is your typical sales cycle? Every sales person knows that there tends to be a direct correlation between the length of your sales cycle and the size of your deal. The bigger the deal the longer and more complex the selling process and the greater the objections you must overcome. But that doesn’t relegate the role of sales person to order taker waiting for a prospect to make up her mind.
June 26, 2012
Lead nurturing is not unlike using a slow cooker. You can start with ingredients that don’t seem promising, but time will produce the delicious outcome for which you’re looking.
December 20, 2011
My objective is to tell you about the things I’ve done the 353 days before today, which proved to be wise and might help set an agenda for making next year über productive for you too.