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July 03, 2015
Unfortunately, many on LinkedIn don’t know how to engage in group discussions properly – resulting in a cluttered stream of posts, all getting zero engagement. That is, if they’re posting at all.
linkedin groups
June 28, 2015
Most of us can go through our day without giving a second thought to the messages we receive and send on LinkedIn, but f inancial advisors on LinkedIn must make certain their messages comply with Federal regulations.
Financial advisors on LinkedIn
June 26, 2015
With over 350m professional users, the huge potential within LinkedIn is clear. However, what isn't as clear is understanding how you can use it to generate new leads for your business. We’ve developed an infographic below that will help you understand the power of LinkedIn in 2015 and provides you with some advice on how to use it for your business.
LinkedIn stats 2015
June 11, 2015
LinkedIn is arguably the most powerful social networking site for professionals the world over. With more than 364 million members and growing, it's important for all business professionals to consider LinkedIn as a means of connecting with potential prospects. But with so many users, how do you stand out from the crowd? Here are three LinkedIn profile tips to help you get noticed.
How to Stand Out from the Crowd on LinkedIn | Social Media Today
June 06, 2015
Ever come across a LinkedIn profile that’s made you cringe? People who are ‘passionate’, ‘driven’ and able to generate great ‘synergy’ - while everyone's trying to put their best foot forward, some just push it a little too hard. A new video series takes note of those that have gone that step over the line, with actors performing readings of some especially colourful profile descriptions.
Your Cringe-Worthy LinkedIn Profile Descriptions, Performed by Actors [Video] | Social Media Today
June 05, 2015
As Mark Fidelman observes in his recent post, "Twitter Overtakes LinkedIn as #1 Social Media Site for Salespeople," the current conventional wisdom is that salespeople are highly focused on LinkedIn as their social network of choice. But it seems like the only time the phrase "conventional wisdom" is used is when it is being overturned. And this case is no different.
twitter and sales
May 20, 2015
With more than 320 million users, you would think that publishing on the LinkedIn platform would build your reputation as a thought leader while generating a ton of views and engagement, right?
linkedin publishing
May 17, 2015
Running a business? Want to generate more revenues? Leads are exactly what you need. Only then you can pursue those to convert them into your customers. But how can you do that? Are you using LinkedIn for your business? It is undoubtedly one of the best professional networks available.
May 15, 2015
I was happy to give a training at a local non-profit recently. The organization is going through a state of transition and some people are losing their positions. I gave a mini-course on how to use social selling techniques to present yourself on LinkedIn, and how to connect with prospective employers, peers and influencers at those prospective employers. One thing that caught me by surprise was that many people needed a lot of help just getting started. They were not familiar, much less proficient with LinkedIn, or other social networks like Twitter, or with create blog posts. In this article, I’m providing 5 tips and 15 links to help Beginners get started on social media and learn these critical platforms and tools.
5 Tips and 15 Links to Help Beginners Get Started on Social Media
May 12, 2015
LinkedIn Company Pages are a great way to brand your business, and share key content, information and updates with a targeted audiences. All employees who list your company on their profile are automatic followers of your company, and others may choose to follow your Company Page at their option. When you post great content to your Company Page, your followers engage with the updates and share it with their networks which amplifies your reach and serves to build your following even more.