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April 24, 2015
You should treat your LinkedIn photo like a badge of honor. It’s an opportunity to showcase yourself to your audience as well as your professional network. According to LinkedIn, profiles that have a photo are actually 11X more likely to be viewed. Unfortunately, not everyone gets their LinkedIn photo right, which can affect your professional relationships.
linkedin photos
April 20, 2015
Even though LinkedIn maintains a professional environment, it’s still all-too-easy to make social media blunders. Luckily, all of our top seven LinkedIn mistakes are easily corrected once realized.
April 20, 2015
Whether you use it for job seeking, as your professional resume, social selling, or recruiting, you probably think of LinkedIn as the a tool for business connections, but it's not, it's a tool for business relationships. Many people who use LinkedIn, and LinkedIn’s mobile app, aren't aware of LinkedIn’s other app – Connected by LinkedIn. Connected can help turn your business contacts into business relationships. Connected is mobile app available for iOS and Android devices. In the mobile app environment where new apps are constantly being advertised, it's easy for people to miss this app.
Connected by LinkedIn: The Other LinkedIn App you Should be Using
April 17, 2015
LinkedIn acquired Lynda last week for $1.5 billion and it represents LinkedIn’s largest acquisition in its twelve-year history. is an online learning platform which lets people take courses on a variety of topics. Topics include anything from web design and learning how to code to courses on body language and managing your time better. LinkedIn explained that it acquired Lynda to create a better experience for LinkedIn users. For example, LinkedIn users will be suggested courses from Lynda that will improve their career prospects or allow them improve their skills at their current job.
April 14, 2015
LinkedIn continues its expansion as an enterprise software provider with the launch of an employee advocacy product named Elevate . LinkedIn is the first social network to launch a software product in this space, and this further validates that employee advocacy is not going away. In fact, it...
linkedin elevate
April 10, 2015
In February last year, LinkedIn opened its publishing platform: LinkedIn Pulse to the public. It’s now rolled out access to the masses and you can publish your own posts via the LinkedIn platform. Some clients have been self-posting their delicious content via Pulse for a few months now. While they happily post away, we’ve noticed some experiencing declining views, comments and engagement. So has the shine rubbed off LinkedIn Pulse or is there more we can be doing to increase engagement?
April 09, 2015
It’s not enough to have a LinkedIn profile and hope the leads will come to you. Your relationship building strategy is a key part of your sales funnel and if you fail here, it is extremely difficult to turn a prospect into a sale. There are a number of key things you need to do that will greatly improve your success while relationship building on LinkedIn.
April 08, 2015
My advice to people beginning on the same journey? By all means, start on LinkedIn and do it well. It’s a wonderful growth hack. But when you need to generate leads on a larger scale, add more channels into the mix, since it won’t hold its own. And never abandon it – you will always find thought leaders and partners you want to engage with on Linkedin. Last, but not least, don’t stop working other channels too, be it media, non-LinkedIn social distribution, PPC, SEO and especially email where call to actions can and do work wonders. Bottom line, don’t put all your MQL eggs in one basket, but LinkedIn is your yummy icing on the cake.
April 08, 2015
Today’s LinkedIn groups don’t offer as much unique value as they could – or should. Can they be saved? Maybe. Much will depend on group managers and individual members, but there are a number of things LinkedIn itself can do to enhance their usefulness and value. This article shares some of my recommendations.
April 03, 2015
Sometimes as marketers we get so caught up in clicks and KPIs that we forget that each one of our campaigns has its own unique personal traits, lifespan and dare I say, personality. And it’s these very characteristics that ultimately define the composition, characteristics, goals and benchmarks of...