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September 01, 2016
Social listening can be a powerful tool to help you improve your products, respond faster to negative feedback and get a better handle on the needs of your target market.
5 Ways to Increase Conversions through Social Listening | Social Media Today
August 23, 2016
Listening can be a critical way for organizations to distinguish themselves. Here's why you need a social listening strategy.
December 17, 2015
Drew Neisser talks to CMO of Keds, Emily Culp, about curiosity, authenticity, and flexibility when it comes to social strategy.
Why Every Marketer Needs Empathy: Alicia Jansen, MD Anderson Cancer Center
November 25, 2015
For the week of November 16 – November 22, 2015, U.S. brands and properties captured 71.5 million total actions (likes and retweets) from tweets published on Twitter during that time period. Powered by Shareablee data, the top brand on Twitter for each respective industry is shown in the ranking...
November 18, 2015
It’s f inally dawned on me why so many hyperlocal businesses hate Yelp and are so afraid of review sites in general. There was massive backlash against the new site Peeple , which was originally marketed as a “Yelp for individuals."
November 17, 2015
A recent article in Street Fight highlighted how the hotel industry is using feedback from review sites to invest in improvements in their establishments and offerings. Notably, in some cases, widespread changes were made in policy or offerings based on what people said on review sites. The most interesting nugget was that it wasn’t just the feedback of their own hotel that was acted upon, but reviews given to other hotels that were deemed helpful in making strategic growth decisions.
How smart local businesses are using online reviews to improve their business
November 12, 2015
​ I’ve often thought that if Twitter, for all its beleaguered current status, didn’t exist, we’d have to invent it. What was everyone’s first reaction last week to Fox Sports going down during Game One of the World Series? That’s right: Log on to Twitter. What about when a Kardashian does something outrageous? Check it out on Twitter. And where do politicians hash out their respective positions? Twitter, of course.
November 06, 2015
Everyone was so caught up in the hijinks of Halloween that we forgot what follows, the month of November. This should officially be known as the month of change, and I’m not just referring to the weather (wonder when it’ll stop being over 70 degrees here in New York City). Brands along with the general public haven’t taken a moment’s pause as thoughts and Tweets turn jolly with upcoming holiday season cheer.
October 30, 2015
The Republicans took to the podiums for the third GOP debate this past week, and for some, the third time was definitely a charm. The data shows who’s gaining ground, and who’s starting to falter -- on social.
October 27, 2015
For the week of October 19 – 25, 2015, U.S. brands and properties captured more than 61.7 million social actions ( retweets and favorites on tweets posted by brands) on Twitter. Powered by Shareablee data, the top brand on Twitter for each respective industry is shown in the ranking below.