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local seo

January 10, 2017
Tracking your offline conversions is a crucial element of your digital marketing strategy.
June 03, 2016
Local business directories have lost some of their importance, in terms of SEO, but they can still serve a valuable purpose, as Randy Milanovic explains in this post.
Loving Local Directories Again | Social Media Today
May 31, 2016
By now, you probably know the basics of local SEO and what to do to make sure your business is found online . But we're going to take it a step further and talk about something you may not know you need to be actively acquiring: inbound links. Let's talk about link building for local businesses...
May 21, 2016
Has your businesses been adversely affected by Google's new emphasis on localized results? In this post, contributor Randy Milanovic advises what you can do about it.
Big Fish or Big Pond? Search Localization Changes Everything | Social Media Today
April 19, 2016
Local-focused marketers have to leverage opportunities by creating content of genuine interest and value to target audiences, whether through blogs, video, social media marketing or other methods.
local content marketing bernadette coleman
January 30, 2015
The top SEO trends to look out for in 2015. Prep your online store now!
January 06, 2015
Social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter, is one of the best marketing tools a company can employ to connect locally with customers. But how do you get the most value out of these social media tools? You must connect locally on a global site media site. Learn HOW!
November 12, 2014
It is essential that you consider mobile in your digital marketing strategy. Mobile websites and mobile marketing can make or break a local business! This means you have to optimize your website for local SEO and for mobile.
July 12, 2014
If you have a business that is open to the public, you want the public to find you. You want them to keep coming back and tell their friends good things about your business.
April 07, 2014
If you're running a small business, then one of your most important assets is a smart SEO strategy. In fact, nearly 60% of B2B businesses say SEO has the biggest impact on lead generation, which means customers. Local businesses work within a very competitive space with pretty tight margins.