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marketing automation

June 28, 2012
Marketing automation solutions will do what they are told to do. This means that a poorly designed and inefficient process will be enabled. Think it through!
June 12, 2012
You got the prospect to respond and give you their contact information. You did it, right? Well, sort of…failing to follow up with great lead nurturing at this point in the process is like making a really amazing business contact at an event, getting their business card, and then filing it in your rolodex.
March 26, 2012
You have products or services to sell with limited time and resources to create social media content, which is both human and helpful. Many marketers—in an effort to expand their reach and influence to a mass audience—make the mistake of unintentionally posting like spambots in order to give their inbound marketing content a wider audience via social media, such as Twitter. Learn the key steps to becoming a pro B2B Tweeter.
January 10, 2012
The latest trend for most companies is to invest heavily on social media marketing, search engine optimization and lead nurturing, collectively called Inbound Marketing. When done effectively as part of lead generation program, inbound marketing can pay significant results to the bottom line. However, what happens when you’re not selling a hot product or service (i.e. there’s a high volume of Google searches for related terms)?
October 04, 2011
"The great promise of marketing automation is that it enables you to trigger messages based on a visitor’s actions on your site, ideally sending messages when they are most relevant rather than spam. But whether you are a B2B or B2C marketer, you can recognize that buyer-behavior is ever-changing. If marketing automation tools are to remain useful, they need to adapt and evolve as quickly as buyers do."