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marketing trends

January 05, 2016
Marketing jargon is prevalent throughout the industry - it can sometimes be bewildering to hear the range of terms applied to different concepts. But where do these terms actually come from? In this post, Tim Matthews breaks down the origins of some of the more popular marketingspeak.
The original 'boiler plate'.
November 14, 2015
MDG Advertising has created a new infographic which looks at four key trends set to make a big impact on advertising budgets in 2016, including the rise of digital ad spending, Facebook expanding dominance and ongoing video growth.
Digital Advertising Budgets 2016: 4 Trends You Need To Know [Infographic] | Social Media Today
October 27, 2015
Marketing is continually in a state of flux, responding to changes in both consumer behavior and technology. And now, even moreso than ever before, it's vital for marketers to strive to stay ahead of the curve instead of simply jumping on board with everyone else. In this post, Brett Relander looks at four critical marketing trends that will change the way brands reach out to consumers in the coming months.
4 Marketing Trends That Will Change Everything | Social Media Today
August 14, 2014
What apps are on the brink of tomorrow and what will mater the day after? We go into the details of the latest trends of social media apps. What are the trends among social media apps? They help us live a better life but not without a price. From the location tracking to shopping to staying fit — we talk about it all.
December 17, 2013
Which way will the wind blow in 2014? Here are three marketing trends that I expect will take hold as we roll into next year. As usual, timing is everything and it will be interesting if these actually "take off" as I expect they will and whether it happens by June or by October.