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November 26, 2014
Recently, Microsoft brought a surprise to the tech world by introducing a fitness tracking wristband which comes with an app and cloud computing technology which can track fitness and health related data and the best part is that it is actually very good.
June 19, 2014
We are a week removed from E3 and to say that the most notable digital event in the world still has people talking would be an understatement. Perhaps the most sociable fans were those of "the Big Three" in the video game industry: Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony.
September 05, 2013
Outgoing Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was quoted, “By the early part of this year it was clear to me that perhaps acquisition would be a way to accelerate.” He wasn’t specific as to what they were accelerating, but it seems reasonable to presume that this is an acceleration of growth and, thus, Microsoft’s marketing war with Google.
July 22, 2013
Forget story telling and building a brand narrative, one of the best things about social media is the fact that it allows for fast, fluid communications that any business can turn to it’s advantage.
June 20, 2013
From a social media standpoint, Microsoft has been lambasted for the direction they’ve taken the Xbox One, and many decisions they’ve made regarding the aforementioned policies. What hurts most is that so many of these blunders could have been easily avoided.
June 17, 2013
With all of these mistakes by Microsoft (intentional or not) Sony reps must be sitting in their offices with giant grins on their faces. At E3 recently, Sony fully unveiled the PS4 and all of its features. Guess what? Sony’s PS4 has no used game restrictions, no restrictions on game-sharing, has a degree of backward compatibility, has generally better hardware, is $100 cheaper, is region-free, and will be able to play online or offline, without any form of DRM whatsoever.
April 06, 2013
On Thursday, a then-unknown Creative Director at Microsoft Studios named Adam Orth had what he thought was a harmless Twitter conversation. By Friday Microsoft had a PR nightmare on their hands. What happened?
February 08, 2013
Your social networking personality, Microsoft does something surprisingly nice for Twitter followers, Facebook fumbles, and more.
January 31, 2013
With the announcement of BlackBerry 10, many are wondering if the company can, once again, offer businesses something that no other phone can. BlackBerry has always offered a level of security that many businesses felt was worth investing in. Even if the phones were annoying and cumbersome, the fact that BlackBerry encrypted e-mails meant that company secrets were less likely to leak out.
October 18, 2012
In which Paul and I discuss social justice, the human condition, the future of social media, and also IBM, Intuit, Salesforce, Sandvik, Skype, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle. We look at what it means to be a company with social customers, and if you can find a bit of time to watch the whole interview, Paul also talks about which vendors understand how to serve the companies that serve social customers. As Paul notes, "The only difference with social now and social throughout human history is that now it scales." Enjoy.