#SMTLive Schedule


September 15, 2015
Video is the unparalleled leader in harnessing the voice of social media celebrities who can use their influence to partner with causes and nonprofits .
July 22, 2014
Social media websites have changed the way the people around the world interact with each other. No longer confined to traditional means of communication, people now can quickly access information and spread news simply by logging onto their favorite social networking site. This is especially helpful for those organizations whose missions are to help improve the global community through service and education.
July 17, 2014
Facebook has grown to over one billion monthly active users, and measured on its own would be the third largest nation on the planet. Twitter has evolved into a tool that can topple dictatorial regimes, spread rapid-fire news, and call supporters to immediate action. Shouldn’t non-profits and associations be focusing more attention harnessing this awesome power?
July 03, 2014
While the millennial generation (roughly those aged 20–32) are often described as cynical, lazy and entitled, a new report tells an entirely different story while adding insights into how businesses and organizations can engage this generation's spending, promotional and advocacy power.
June 26, 2014
In this intimate conversation, Turner recalls some his most meaningful, personal and professional achievements, and how his passion and persistent efforts are pointed at fighting poverty, disease, inequality and a lack of education around the world. He also reveals the person who taught him the importance of “giving back.”
June 11, 2014
STANDWITH is a new mobile app that relies purely upon goodwill to help the elderly. The app taps into the contacts of patients via social networks and allows friends of those in need to offer up help with regular chores, such as getting the groceries or doing the laundry.
June 10, 2014
ROI looms large when it comes to social media network marketing. In tomorrow's #SMTPowerTalk, we provide some of the answers to all those pesky questions about whether marketing efforts are actually delivering on their promise. Our special guests include Lee Smallwood, founder and CEO of NOD3X.com, and Ammon Johns of AmmonJohns.com.
June 03, 2014
Make it go viral! It happens more often than I can believe. It usually happens midway through a sales meeting, or a client meeting, or a casual conversation, or a fun TV interview, and I hear it, "How do you make it go viral?" "It" could be anything. A youtube video, a Facebook post, a tweet or a blog post.
May 23, 2014
Nonprofits are getting good at social media. Real good. They're raising money, recruiting volunteers and generating supporters. But there's one misstep I see often that might be holding them back from realizing their true potential: Only performing outreach through one branded channel.
May 20, 2014
Don’t be seduced by the dark side of social media audience metrics. Don’t fixate on the number of followers and page likes you have—the vanity statistics. If you want a social media audience that helps you more effectively advocate for your cause, focus on building an audience of the key influencers that matter most to you.