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September 08, 2016
This updated infographic from Domo looks at what happens on the internet every minute.
60 Seconds on Google, Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube and Facebook [Infographic] | Social Media Today
August 05, 2015
There' s an interesting dichotomy floating around on the Internet. On the one hand, the web is supposed to be fostering creativity and individual expression. On the other hand, the partisan and ano nymous nature of the Internet is fuelling a stronger and stronger herd mentality, a distance that causes people to act as they were wearing a mask.
How Much of the Internet’s Potential are You Wasting? | Social Media Today
September 06, 2014
Only 20% of UK adults admitted to having given though to what will happen to their social profiles after they die. And there was quite a divide in how they would want their profiles to be maintained.
August 07, 2014
I've discovered that there are things a lot more valuable than social media, blogs, digital marketing or the Web. I've stopped worrying about the number of followers I have, my bounce rate, the number of views on my websites or even the amount of "retweets" and "likes" I get.
September 16, 2012
Now, there’s proof that all this worry about information overload, message meltdown and attention crash is overinflated hyperventilating. A study out of Northwestern University finds that “very few Americans feel bogged down or overwhelmed by the volume of news and information at their fingertips and on their screens.”
May 16, 2012
Many people in India resist paying for online products through credit card (though many people are also there who do online transactions through credit cards). And, due to this reason, many e-commerce businesses failed to tap that hidden potential market.
May 14, 2012
Often, start-up e-commerce businesses direct all their marketing efforts to social media only. Social media marketing is great for a -start-up's initial marketing activities, but if it is supported by cost effective ‘Traditional Media’, it can boost the e-commerce start-up's marketing efforts and help in realizing early goals.
February 26, 2010
There was a really interesting article in the New York Observer a few days ago about the new trend towards civility. Don't get me wrong--there are still plenty of haters out there--but this point in particular struck a chord with me: With all due respect to the Internet, it has not often been...
December 11, 2007
By Dennis D. McDonald In my daily perusal of my Megite news feed , I ran across these two articles: Ask.com Unveils Search Privacy Tool: Users Control Their Search Data Scheme to Destroy Your Competition with RivalMap The first describes a search engine (Ask.com) that is advertising as a feature (“...