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online marketing

April 14, 2016
Even the tiniest company should probably have some kind of professional web presence. It’s just common sense - potential buyers do everything on the web these days, and you want them to be able to find you there
What do Local Buyers Want From Your Website? | Social Media Today
January 13, 2016
Last month I wrote about how your firm’s website is connected to the rest of your marketing initiatives. But what if you’re just getting started? What if you’re the underdog? You too can walk among the giants with the powerful slingshot of effective online marketing.
David and Goliath – Disruptive Growth Through Effective Online Marketing
December 22, 2015
The customer of 2016 is on his way, and the fight for the online attention of customers has already begun. Your customers on social media are changing really fast. Managing social media networks, you might have already noticed that the requirements of the audience to products and services are rapidly growing. Mobile revolution accelerates the change in users’ behavior.
personalized marketing
October 02, 2015
While many website owners make money through AdSense, that revenue is rarely as strong or consistent as it could be. In this post, Randy Milanovic outlines some of the shortcomings of the AdSense system.
Are You Shortchanging Yourself One AdSense Click at a Time? | Social Media Today
July 31, 2015
Online marketing has become a wild animal. But you don’t have to be a gorilla to dominate. Nor do you have to go ape and do absolutely everything. However, you do indeed need to understand what’s working for the leaders of the pack.
online marketing
June 22, 2015
Advertising Age's recent article, "Ad Blocking is a Growing Problem. What's the Fix?" addresses the thorny conflict between the needs of advertisers and the convenience of internet users. Basically, digital marketers need the ever-so-slim revenues that come from online advertising, while users don't want to be bothered by advertising.
ad block ware
May 17, 2015
AdWeek ran a piece yesterday on the brewing Twitter storm over T-Mobile’s new hashtag campaign designed to bash Verizon. The hashtag, #NeverSettleForVerizon has given birth to a number of Verizon testimonials on Twitter and much back and forth banter. It may be raining, but there is no real storm here.
August 04, 2014
Modern online marketers have a lot of different hats to wear. For the best results, try them all on for size but don't be afraid to share a few of the jobs with your team as needed. Changing hats from time to time can give you a welcome fresh perspective and reinvigorate your motivations.
July 18, 2014
Most of us know already that marketing isn’t what it used to be. But the question is, how is this knowledge impacting how we market our business? Are we relying exclusively on traditional marketing methods to build our brand? If we have a website and are on social media, are these helping or hindering our business? Ask yourself these 8 questions to get a sense of how you're doing.
January 27, 2014
A lot of behaviour theory is built on the assumption that we’ve learned all of the most important things as children. This acceptance of a pre-programmed way of thinking can cause us to make and repeat mistakes. Isn’t it time we start thinking again, in a different way?