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peronal branding

September 02, 2014
Personal branding is a practice of marketing themselves and their careers as brands. It can have many long-term and short-term benefits. Such as, helping you find a job, improving your overall professional image, and utilizing your Google search results when potential employers, colleagues, or clients search your name.
April 17, 2008
This will be the last “personal brand stereotypes” post I do for a while, to make room for all the other special content I have lined up for all of you. I was thinking about doing a Greek stereotype post (fraternities and sororities) or a racial stereotype post (Black or Asian people), but today I...
April 09, 2008
As we continue with the many personal brand stereotypes that plague our culture, I hope you're being more observant as to people who are wearing pink shirts or glasses and are more understanding of their situation. No one wants to be made fun of or laughed at because of what they wear. People have...
January 04, 2008
This guest post is from my fellow personal branding colleague and friend, Hajj E. Flemings. Hajj is a brand strate gist, blogger and author of “A Brand YU Life,” which you can go pick up at . _____________________ Personal branding is a lifestyle, a 24 hour-a-day/7-day a week activity...