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personal branding

January 27, 2016
In business, people don’t establish relationships with companies - they're seeking to work with other people, individuals who share their values and understand their professional needs. As such, taking time to establish your personal brand is an essential part of any successful career.
Top 5 Ways that You Could Hurt the Growth of Your Personal Brand | Social Media Today
November 05, 2015
​ So you’ve heard that you need to have a personal brand, but you don’t have branding experience and the idea of promoting bragging about yourself brings up bad memories of trying to do that when creating a cover letter. How, then, do you go about establishing your story? Brian Fanzo offers some tips.
Personal Branding 101: What’s Your Story? | Social Media Today
October 31, 2015
Personal branding is all the rage at the moment, but even with that focus, there are still a few things that often get overlooked when people look to establish their ow n personal branding practices. Here are some notes to consider.
6 Overlooked Social Media Personal Branding Must-Dos | Social Media Today
October 30, 2015
Last blog I asked the question: Are you FAMOUS!?! Maybe you are, maybe you aren’t. It doesn’t matter because people are on different journeys when to comes to personal brand. When I speak about it, it's mostly on who are you and how you want to be seen. Now I'm changing my tune a bit and focusing on whether you want to be active or passive when it comes to branding. As I enter the next phase of my journey, I’m exploring if how I'm seen is how I want to be seen.
October 27, 2015
Taking control of your online presence is challenging enough without having to compete with your own kid in the process.
Ryan Erskine - Online Reputation Management
October 14, 2015
Each of us has an idea in our head of how we want to be perceived by others. The question is: Do these two match?
September 13, 2015
Whether or not you are actively building your personal brand, it is still being built up with every tweet you post, every selfie you take, how you dress, what faces you make when people speak to you and every email you send. It’s up to you if you choose to nurture your brand, or let it be defined for you, without you. More and more your reputation is the most important part of you, and your personal brand can craft, to an extent, how people see you. Here are a few of my own suggestions on how to positively contribute to the growth of your personal brand.
July 03, 2015
If you’re thinking of adding Snapchat to your or your company’s marketing arsenal--and you should, as it was recently ranked the 3 rd most popular app among millennials --be prepared to encounter a learning curve. It’s one of my favorite social networks, but it works a bit differently than others, so figuring out a strategy may take some time.
10 Snapchat Hacks
July 02, 2015
Why do some people rise to the top of Twitter and some people are destined for the dregs? Being “good at Twitter” can look really effortless, but seem exhausting to execute. And while Twitter has no gatekeeper, gaining access to another tier of Twitter can appear to be an impossible task. Is Twitter this important to be good at, anyway? The short answer: yes. Keep these 7 reminders above your desk or on a notepad for reference, and you’ll earn a solid Twitter following in no time.
Twitter Tips
May 01, 2015
Over the last several years, I have looked at thousands of LinkedIn profiles. I have seen a few great profiles, but the majority of them did not do a very good job at presenting the individuals in their best possible light.