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January 17, 2017
Twitter is rolling out a new feature to prompt more sharing - and such prompts should be seen as an opportunity for marketers.
Why are Social Platforms Always Prompting you to Share Random Updates? | Social Media Today
April 01, 2015
In this episode: Today, from Down Under, we welcome Katryna Dow, CEO & Founder of Meeco, a company that is on a mission to help you retain your data sovereignty. "It's your life. It's your data. You own it."
September 25, 2014
Social media membership is for free but there’s a cost to pay if you do not pay close attention to the information that can be stolen from you. Is social media in this aspect boon or bane? You decide.
August 23, 2014
It’s easy to get excited about devices, about the latest phone, band, tablet or watch. It’s also cool to think about how internet enabling our other devices makes our lives better.
May 19, 2014
The more you know about your customers, the better you can serve and give them the products they want. In return, the more they trust and become loyal to your brand. But with all the information you gather from your customers to provide one-to-one service and personalized products comes the responsibility to take care of their personal data.
October 25, 2010
Sometimes it’s the little things that really can drive a point home. Take for example a small conversation I had-actually it was an exchange of about 2-3 tweets between myself and Adam Cohen of Rosetta that occurred late Friday afternoon. It started with this: It is a good post in Adweek about how...
February 13, 2008
By Dennis D. McDonald posting from Alexandria, Virginia I've made some attempt to keep up with public discussions of DataPortability.org . I've had a suspicion that the project is experiencing the growing pains that technology industry standards groups sometimes experience when there is no single...
January 09, 2008
(from the cc flickrstream of dalziel 86, thankyou) My post yesterday on Data Protection Law, Facebook and Scraping garnered more interest than my normal Enterprisey software ramblings. Dennis kindly picked up on my post twice , and I experienced a considerable spike in traffic and commentary...
January 08, 2008
Thanks to truly brilliant stream of Auntie P. I'm very late to this, and originally I wasn't planning to comment on the Scoble-Facebook thingy , ( see techmeme ) but after seeing James Governor's deli.cio.us link comment,about Nick Carr's post , I figured I'd jump in. James said… my take: Che? No...