April 25 #SMTLive Twitter chat recap: How Does Geotargeting Fit Into Your Customer Outreach Strategy? 


January 31, 2017
The opportunities of social platforms and data are amazing, but it's your business' human touch that will dictate their effectiveness.
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December 19, 2016
This infographic outlines how businesses can maximize their marketing personalization efforts.
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November 23, 2016
Modern marketing has evolved beyond broadcasting, calling for a more personalized approach.
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October 19, 2016
Amazon is a marketing leader in personalization - here's how you can use the same principles to boost your marketing efforts.
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August 02, 2016
To highlight the benefits of personalization, VMob has teamed up with Microsoft to produce this new infographic looking at some of the key stats and opportunities.
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June 23, 2016
Here are five ways your company can use CRM to attract new customers, nurture existing ones, and generate passionate brand loyalty through personalization.
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May 12, 2016
What's the future of marketing technology? Will we soon be interacting with robots that provide highly individualized and immediate responses?
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April 20, 2016
Without ads, there'd be no television or radio, no social media – or we'd have to pay a lot more for such things. But that doesn't give marketers carte blanche to annoy the daylights out of them.
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December 22, 2015
"​ If 2015 was the year of content marketing, 2016 will be the year of “less is more” content personalization. While ‘Content is King’ will continue to ring true in the new year, I predict we will see savvy digital marketers focus more on the value of data-driven content personalization to stay ahead of the game."
2016 Marketing Prediction: “Less is more” Content Personalization | Social Media Today
November 17, 2015
People won’t remember every word you say. They won’t remember every tweet you write or every Facebook post you publish. People won’t remember every visual image post to Instagram. But people will, however, remember how you made them feel.
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