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pinterest marketing

June 30, 2015
Pinterest has announced that it’s “Buyable Pins” option is now available to all iPhone and iPad users across the US, a major step forward for the company, and one which could change the social selling landscape.
Pinterest “Buyable Pins” Now Active | Social Media Today
May 27, 2015
How to set up and optimize your account , create a Pinterest content strategy, and master B2B.
pinterest warrior
August 19, 2014
Pinterest has been a slowly waking giant for several years, but it has finally wiped the sleep from its eyes and is in the process of ferociously conquering the social marketing space. Just because you have relegated Pinterest to "that other social site" in your mind and your marketing strategy doesn't mean that it has paid any attention to your dismissiveness. As of earlier this year, Pinterest passed Twitter for the number of U.S. adult users, making them the second most used social site for probable buyers.
April 20, 2014
Pinterest has marched onto the social media scene in a big way. In January of 2012 Pinterest became the fastest company ever to reach 10 million unique users in one month with 11.7 million site visitors. Just three years after it was founded, Pinterest already has over 70 million users.
July 07, 2013
When it comes to social media and online marketing, there are plenty of options for businesses to get their content out to the public. One of the platforms that tend to get thrown on the backburner, behind a site like Facebook, is Pinterest.
July 03, 2013
Pinterest is the fastest-growing social network in the history of social media – granted it’s a short history. Creating a strong presence on Pinterest helps build engagement, supports conversion, and establishes your brand.
June 08, 2013
Pinterest’s newest category is here just in time to help pinners celebrate Father’s Day. You’ll want to think strategically about your approach and pin with a purpose! Here are 4 tips and tricks to help get your brand started.
June 10, 2012
It may not be as popular as Facebook or Twitter, but this virtual pinboard service is attracting plenty of eyeballs. Here’s how to make it work for you. Sure, the number of users is clearly not as high as what you’d find on those two behemoths, but Pinterest is gaining traction, especially with the...
June 04, 2012
Pinterest is a hot Social Networking platform offering those who master it an opportunity to get ahead of the curve and capitalize on the staggering growth of Pinterest. Here are some more advanced approaches to Pinterest marketing.
April 20, 2012
Marketers, businesses and brands alike are striving to understand what engagement strategies work best with Pinterest, while figuring out how to measure these strategies as they go. Many would assume that taking note of followers of your overall Pinterest account is the best way to determine your audience size, however it’s truly the followers of your individual boards that your team should really be paying attention to.