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April 05, 2016
What if I told you it was possible to find an additional five hours in your week? All it takes is spending a few moments to plan out your day smarter - Bryan Kramer offers some tips.
Five Ways to Get Five Extra Hours in Your Week | Social Media Today
February 28, 2015
Since the dawn of recorded history (and likely before), pundits and pontificators have warned of the promise and peril of new technologies. I recently had occasion to reflect on the dualistic nature of technology firsthand when faced with the dilemma of how to spend a few hours of free time the other evening.
January 17, 2015
Last month, David Brock, president of Partners in Excellence, published an excellent article titled A Frightening Look At the Cost Of a Sales Person. Brock recounted some statistics that should disturb senior sales executives, as well as their CEOs and CFOs.
January 12, 2015
I have spoken a number of times about small innovation being a big key to success in a fast moving society. While that’s true, we can’t ignore the fact that innovation, small or big, is not easy to achieve. Especially with distractions galore, it’s easy for productivity to jump the track.
January 08, 2015
Smart phones are always at hand; laptops and tablets help us work on the go; we are teleconferencing in the office; and in some cases technology has helped us do our jobs without ever leaving our homes. But are we getting more done? Very recently, Dell and Intel released their Global Evolving Workforce Study containing some very crucial insights.
December 30, 2014
Inspiring your employees or team members is a plight that a lot of business owners and managers have to struggle with daily. It’s the key to keeping the momentum going in the company, so that projects are not only completed, but in a way that is satisfactory. The key to motivating those under you is to set an example for them.
September 12, 2014
With more and more skilled labor striking out on their own as independent contractors and businesses de-centralizing and looking for talent in new ways, Apple underscores the importance of productivity by creating products that help make these individuals more productive at both home and work, with the promise of personal insight that makes managing work-life balance possible.
July 14, 2014
Uberflip's latest visual compiles expert advice and a set of useful tools to improve your online attention span, stay focused, and ultimately increase productivity.
June 19, 2014
Commuting can take some important time out of your day - but thanks to technologies such as the cloud and mobile devices, we’re now able to take advantage of some great productivity tools to help keep our day going, wherever we are in the world.
June 04, 2013
Want to become a more productive writer, find even more ways to reach your audience or apply content curation for lead nurturing? Go ahead and read those helpful tips right now.