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psychology of sales

May 19, 2017
Self-serving bias is a psychological trait which sees us take credit for wins and assign blame for losses. And it's important to understand in order to develop.
How Do You Avoid Self-Serving Bias in Your Business & Marketing Efforts? | Social Media Today
May 13, 2016
More than logic, emotions drive the majority of out purchase decisions. In this post, Bryan Kramer looks at some of the ways in which emotion can influence our buying behavior.
People Buy Emotions Not Things | Social Media Today
July 23, 2014
Before looking outwards at our prospects and customers we need to look at ourselves, because each of us is a unique human being with our own desires, challenges and thoughts. To understand how we can communicate, and therefore sell more effectively, we need to understand the human communication process.
February 27, 2013
One of the top ways, of making your business a psychological magnet, is to build loyal follower engagement via social sites. This also helps brand your biz, up your sales and profits. And a great way to promote your products. While this may seem easier said than done, it's actually simpler than you think.