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December 10, 2015
The ad wars between the major tech companies continues unabated, and Facebook has made their latest move. Under pressure from publishers dissatisfied by the ad revenue opportunities in their publishing options, Facebook is tweaking Instant Articles to allow publishers to make more money.
facebook instant articles
November 13, 2015
As ratings drop for most cable news channels and tradition print newspapers continue to collapse, where are Americans getting their news today? For many, especially Millennials , the answer is social media.
November 09, 2015
According to Lucia Moses of Digiday, traffic to Facebook's top publishers has dropped precipitously this year, even while Facebook garners a lot of media attention (including from Social Media Today) for making inroads and deals with digital publishers.
October 26, 2015
AdWeek recently published an article concerning ad blocking, advertising revenue, and the future risks and opportunities of digital publishing. The article is fascinating because it take the form of a roundtable between some of the major players in the fields. And, interestingly enough, all those involved seem to agree with each other about what the problem is and how they might fix things.
ad block discussion
October 08, 2015
qoppi / Due to the growing prevalence of ad blocking software , big tech companies such as Facebook and Apple are trying to get publishers to use their proprietary publishing tools , like Instant Articles and Apple News , which don't allow ad blocking software. Because media...
google publishing
November 09, 2015
Advertising and marketing are no longer the same thing – Frankly, they’ve never been the same thing, but the Internet has made this more obvious.
Marketing for hyperlocal - give the people what they want
September 25, 2015
As flagged last month, Facebook has now officially announced an update to their 'Notes' blogging option on the site. And while the announcement, in itself, is nothing major, it forms another part of Facebook's wider plan to dominate online publishing.
Facebook Takes Next Step Towards Becoming Publishing Powerhouse - Updates ‘Notes’ | Social Media Today
September 17, 2015
Nilay Patel has an incredibly interesting article up on the Verge titled, "Welcome to hell: Apple vs Google vs Facebook and the slow death of the web." While this title may be a tad overdramatic, the implications of Patel's argument are huge for the web, and dire for any kind of small publisher or online content creator without enough leverage to play with the big boys.
Google ads
September 14, 2015
“The First-Person Industrial Complex,” an article by Laura Bennet, was published on Slate today about why the first-person essay about trauma has become a mainstay of so many (especially online) media outlets. The article also examines how the economics that undergird the publication of these...
September 02, 2015
The social content model has long been the same: publish enticing snippets of your content on social platforms, lure people to click, and drive traffic back to your site, where the money is to be made. And for a long time, this content model has worked. But lately, we’re seeing an evolution in the move towards “distributed publishing,” and Business Insider is the latest high profile company to experiment with it.