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June 09, 2016
Organic reach has been in decline across almost all platforms. If you're looking for new ways to get more attention without paying for ads, here are some tips.
How to Increase Your Organic Reach on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & More | Social Media Today
November 09, 2015
Your Facebook reach is declining. So is everyone else’s. Old news. Organic reach has declined to 6%, a drop of 49% since October 2013. But why?
April 29, 2015
Earlier this week, Facebook updated their News Feed algorithm again, in what many are seeing as the next move towards ‘Facebook Zero’ – i.e. 0% organic reach for pages. Facebook announced three updates – the first is around users who don’t have a lot of content to see. Previously, the algorithm ensured people were not shown multiple posts from the same source in a row - they’ve opted to relax this measure for people who run out of content to view and are seeking more. Nothing major there, the impacts should be minimal.
April 23, 2015
This latest algorithm update will roll out over the coming weeks and you will begin to see updates highlighting what a friend Liked or commented on either showing up lower in your News Feed or not showing up at all. Max Eulenstein, a Facebook product manager, and Lauren Scissors, a user experience researcher, said that this change was made based on user feedback, “Many people have told us they don’t enjoy seeing stories about their friends liking or commenting on a post."
April 04, 2015
Social media is growing up, and "teenagers are more expensive than toddlers." It is harder than ever to reach your audience since social networks continue to adjust their algorithms to serve up "interesting content" to users. Check out this post to learn how to increase your Reach without increasing your budget.
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December 06, 2014
With its ever-changing algorithms and policies, managing a Facebook channel can sometimes beguile even the most seasoned marketing teams, especially when it comes to boosted posts. Let’s break down what they are and why this Facebook feature is important to the success of your next marketing campaign.
December 04, 2014
This post dives into 6 key learnings developed after spending more than $50,000 on LinkedIn advertising from CPC changes for the last 6 months to mobile.
November 12, 2014
Chasing reach is simply a new variant of the (now belatedly discredited) exercise of manufacturing Facebook likes and Twitter followers. You may have reached a whole lot of people, but so what? What does this actually mean for what these people think about your brand and how does this translate into improved sales or reputation scores?
October 15, 2014
“When you understand who your audience is and the kind of content they read, it's a lot easier to consistently write content that will connect with them. Until now, I'd argue, there isn't one tool that can reveal who your audience is and provide you with a tool to write for them,” asserted Ira Haberman, director of marketing for Atomic Reach.
June 16, 2014
Online marketers everywhere are buzzing about the decline in organic Facebook reach for brand pages caused by the updates made to the news feed algorithm over the last few months. Many of these marketers and business owners are upset about the implications on their reach. However, there is no need to panic.