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February 03, 2015
Proving your social media ROI is not as elusive as you think. Download your social media tracking template, then dig into your data with 6 key questions.
January 28, 2015
Saying that marketing on social media doesn’t work because you’re not seeing a return on your investment is like saying that the treadmill you faithfully use as a coat rack isn’t working because you haven’t lost any weight. If you’re not making money on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, odds are that you’re not using them correctly. Social media ROI is not a myth!
January 26, 2015
When a prospect pursues new initiatives, they must first present a business case, gain buy-in from various committees, and get budget approval to move forward. Numbers are the defining factors here; you need to convince the financial gatekeepers that your solutions will solve a problem, advance the organization’s ability to generate revenue, and ultimately produce a good return on the investment.
January 15, 2015
Marketers are experts when it comes to analyzing fluffy metrics. To measure their true impact on the company's bottom line, marketers have to start tying their efforts to revenue.
January 11, 2015
Let me pose a question to my fellow marketers: have you lately felt more like your company’s IT department than its marketing strategist? In the past few years, chances are that your role has taken a significant turn towards “IT Specialist.” In the digital marketing age, marketers are expected know, implement, maintain, explain and execute various software programs and digital marketing tools that both promote the company brand and generate sales.
December 31, 2014
Content is one of the most used marketing strategies, but how can organizations use it to drive more targeted traffic? 12 of the world's leading content marketing authorities discuss how they can, and what they're often missing when it comes to driving traffic with content.
December 10, 2014
A few weeks ago, we hosted a webinar with our friends at DoxIQ to discuss the importance of white papers in marketing (yes, they're still relevant!). Michael Feng, co-founder and CEO of DoxIQ, teamed up with J.D. Peterson, SVP of marketing here at Scripted, and myself to explore the heart of the white paper debate: ROI.
November 29, 2014
The ROI of social media marketing can be difficult to determine. This article outlines five ways to troubleshoot your social campaign’s ROI and measure your results more accurately.
November 19, 2014
As an agency, you can't work blindly through a content campaign without first setting up accurate indicators of success. These six steps will help you measure content marketing success in your online endeavors for your clients, in addition to helping your own business prosper.
November 11, 2014
Will Facebook evolve and bring value back to brands that want to go social? Or will it enter the business of connectivity?