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July 22, 2017
This infographic looks at some of the most common SEO mistakes people make on their websites.
26 Common SEO Mistakes That Are Killing Your Website [Infographic] | Social Media Today
July 18, 2017
Google's slowly rolling out its mobile-first index, which means you need to ensure your website is mobile optimized.
How to Prepare for Google's Big Mobile First Index Update | Social Media Today
June 15, 2017
In a new video, contributor AJ Ghergich provides an overview of Google's latest featured video snippets.
What are “Suggested Clip” Featured Snippets, and How Do You Earn Them? [Video] | Social Media Today
March 29, 2017
While they may not be as obvious, social media marketing does have clear SEO benefits.
March 01, 2017
This infographic outlines Google's key search algorithm updates of 2016.
Person using smartphone to search
February 03, 2017
Do you know what you're looking for from an SEO company? Here's an overview of the key elements.
How to Vet an SEO Company (and Prevent Disappointment and Failure) | Social Media Today
January 26, 2017
Google's suggested answers can actually give your website more exposure than the number one ranking.
What's Better Than a Number One Search Ranking? | Social Media Today
January 26, 2017
Here’s a quick recap on what changes AI will bring to marketers in 2017 according to four industry influencers.
How Will AI Change SEO in 2017?
August 15, 2016
Here are three lesser discussed SEO tips that can help boost your website ranking.
Magnifying glass on top of stack of books
August 06, 2016
Google's shift to more mobile-focused search results has also lead to an increased emphasis on proximity-based data, which is not always a good thing.
Google, Have You Abandoned the Faithful? | Social Media Today