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February 10, 2016
Should you conduct a social media background check?
January 14, 2016
A study of 58,000 users of Facebook in the US has warned that the techniques available today to analyze the information we provide can not only be used to deliver advertising contents, but also steal potentially sensitive information about any users from Internet..
January 08, 2016
The abundance of social sites also makes us vulnerable to various online threats. If the truth be told, we are only one-wrong-move-away from being hacked, cyber-bullied, virus-attacked and more. So is it possible to stay secure and anonymous online? Yes it is. Here is how.
Anonymous and Secure
December 29, 2015
In today’s tech savvy world, security breaches are, unfortunately, becoming more common than not. With that in mind, here are three measures every business should put in place in order to protect itself from vengeful hackers.
November 17, 2015
​ Although we don’t like to admit it, succeeding as a small business takes more than a great idea and strong work ethic. Vigilance and the ability to anticipate the unexpected, whether it’s unforeseen costs, dips in the economy or other more ominous issues it’s just part of the job description for every small business owner.
fraud awareness week 2015
October 19, 2015
According to a variety of news reports, Facebook has a new feature that could only exist in the weird world of vulnerable digital networks, mass government surveillance, vulnerable social media accounts, and overall security paranoia in which we now live. Basically, Facebook will now send you a courtesy message notifying you that your account may currently be under attack from a state-sponsored actors.
facebook cyber attack
October 09, 2015
In case you missed it, a man named Sanmay Ved recently bought and owned the web domain "Google.com" ... for about a minute. According to Biz Carson in Business Insider, Ved was up late one night trawling Google Domains, Google's website-buying program, when he noticed that Google.com was available for him to purchase. And for twelve bucks, he did.
google domain buy
September 17, 2015
In the wake of high-profile hacks that have placed customer data at risk, we take a look into how businesses can better safeguard sensitive information.
September 08, 2015
Pe ople are hacked all the time, celebrities are sending out absurd tweets and the Ashley Madison fiasco over the summer has us all thinking, how do we build a security fortress?
August 14, 2015
Last year the Internet focused on the much-reported backpack video of a woman being catcalled more than 100 times in three hours of walking around New York City. In that instance, the viral video showed us through digital devices the kind of harassment women--or at least women living in cities-- have to deal with every day. Yesterday, however, that harassment was taken to a new level. Mashable reported that a woman in London was a victim of “cyber flashing,” a term that might not be familiar to most people.