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September 26, 2015
Smart Insights , eCommerce Expo and Technology for Marketing and Advertising have joined forces to asses the digital skills gap, creating an infographic which reveals how many marketers possess the digital skills needed to succeed, which skills they wish to improve and how organizations can support staff skills in digital development .
The State Of Digital Marketing Skills 2015 [Infographic] | Social Media Today
August 13, 2015
In the glitzy tech world, CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg , Larry Page, and Marissa Mayer inspire profile after profile where the rest of us are trying to figure out: what’s the secret to their success? Is it better to be an Ivy League graduate or a dropout? What do they eat for breakfast? While there’s no secret trick to suddenly having the drive and charisma that make these leaders who they are (and maybe some luck), there are still significant statistics that reveal the shared characteristics among CEOs who have made it today.
ceo traits
August 07, 2015
If you were looking for an accountant, you would know to look for someone with accounting skills and who went to school specifically aiming to work in accounting, but very rare are marketing managers who possess an actual degree in marketing. And that’s ok! Because I believe that if people have these 10 traits, they will be just as good (and usually better) than someone that spent four years or more studying what I have been focused on learning for the past 16.
great marketing manager
August 03, 2015
What makes for a successful Social Media Manager? What do you aim to look for in the people you hire for this highly exciting, super busy, changing-as-we-speak position? This position didn’t exist even as recently as five years ago – do we even know what we should be looking for?
social media manager qualities
July 24, 2015
The contrast of coding and marketing strategy may seem like different worlds, but an effective business strategy seamlessly plays to both strengths. What is it like to work in marketing at a tech company? Does such a marketer need technical skills like coding to be effective at their role? Marketing executives working in technology offer their experienced insights.
tech company marketing
June 05, 2015
This is part two of a series; for part one, please click here . In 2009 I created a social media quiz, practically on a whim. Over the years I’ve converted the simple quiz into a more complex assessment of social media sophistication , but it’s still very unscientific. It’s great for ice breakers,...
social media sophistication
January 07, 2015
What are the characteristics of a “get the job done” content marketer? A little research shows that businesses see the content marketer as little more than a slightly more organized blogger. There are literally millions of articles on how to do content marketing but the information cupboard on how to select or train a content marketer is threadbare.
October 05, 2013
Breaking Bad's Walter White possesses many skills, the most popular one being his ability to create the wildly addicting "Blue Sky". However, what else does he flaunt that social media managers and digital marketers could hugely benefit from?
September 10, 2013
I just added a few skills to my personal Facebook profile. It was pretty easy, however, I don’t think this update is a real “game changer” so to speak. You still have to click on the “About” section of your Facebook profile to see the skills. If you could see the skills without clicking around, I would be a bit more impressed.