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6 Key Components of an Effective Social Commerce Strategy

There’s hardly any online transaction these days that is not directly or indirectly influenced by social media. What your friends and trusted contacts say about a certain product or service often influences your purchase decisions. In fact, several studies suggest that social media impacts more than 50% of online transactions.
6 Key Components of an Effective Social Commerce Strategy

4 Core Social Commerce Trends In 2014

As social media behemoths swell in user-ship, they continue to integrate with and augment our daily lives. “I’ll invite you on Facebook,” we say to a colleague, or we pick a brunch spot because a friend shared an outstanding oatmeal pancake on Instagram.
4 Core Social Commerce Trends In 2014

Anatomy of a Shared Link on Facebook

How to use Facebook's Open Graph protocol to increase click-throughs when your links are shared to Facebook. This "real estate" is extremely valuable and optimizing it can mean the difference between a few clicks and a few hundred.

Facebook Commerce - Does it work?

Facebook is the Interstate your fans are driving on, and those fans are “driving” an average of 28 minutes each, per day. Your post is one of 390 “billboards” that passes by every day on an average user’s News Feed. That’s a lot of competition!

Are Social Search Updates About to Change How We Shop Online?

Now a buzzword that’s been kicking around for a while now as the ‘next big thing’ online is Social Commerce and these updates from Google and Bing could dramatically influence where customers now choose to shop online.

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