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social consumer

November 03, 2014
Around the globe, customers – friend and foe alike – share their experiences using indelible digital characters all across the social channel. We are experiencing a customer-driven revolution where companies are no longer defined only by what they say about themselves. Rather, customer experiences are a major force defining the strongest brands, and the Achilles heel of firms that fail to deliver on customer expectations.
customer reviews
July 18, 2014
Brandwatch partnered with Brilliant Noise to analyze over 8 million online conversations around wearable technology, to find out what consumers really think about the tech trend and how they are discussing it. This blog showcases an infographic displaying the data findings, and discusses key trends including the top brands and products in the social buzz.
January 25, 2012
As curation as a concept is one of the digital key for the next years, Pinterest solved many problems: accessibility, fun and daily usability for anyone. Here are some usages for students, marketers, non-profits and live-events.
January 06, 2011
Although 2010 saw an increase in brands using social technologies, most posts on Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts were merely announcements or redirects to a corporate website. As companies become more familiar with the etiquette and overall landscape of the Social Web, 2011 will see a truer form of engagement between business and consumer. My predictions - with some personal hope mixed in:
November 03, 2010
Tweet…ReTweet Like Share Check-in Group buy QR code scan Augmented reality RFID What may sound like buzz words or mere hype, is actually the beginning of the end of business as usual. Welcome to the rise of the social consumer and a new era of social commerce . Look at the picture above and think...
November 01, 2010
Brands are racing to create a social presence on Facebook, Twitter and the hottest social networks of the moment. The initial goals, of course, are to increase brand awareness and build community. To do so however, takes a holistic approach that extends beyond the regiment of broadcasting messages...