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social intelligence

May 21, 2015
Today we're turning the Shake-Up spotlight on Eric Berkowitz, of Tracx. With experience in client service, sales, and product management roles, Eric brings a unique perspective to the ways emerging technologies are ushering in a new age of social consumers and enterprises. He was kind enough to answer a few questions for us.
eric berkowitz
April 21, 2015
When it comes to Social Intelligence and how it provides value to marketers and in turn drives business impact, our philosophy is that platforms like ours and other social and marketing platforms should work together to provide a broader value to their customers. In essence, driving towards an open ecosystem, and focusing on getting data between the wide array of sales and marketing platforms helps our customers then provide better journeys to their customers.
social intellegence
April 12, 2015
What is being said about your brand on social media right now? Is a relevant hashtag suddenly trending? In this edition of SMToolbox, we take a look at how Brandwatch Signals can give you a "spider-sense" online.
March 19, 2015
Don't remember what you were talking about on the 17th? Don't worry, Synthesio has you covered: we don’t miss any opportunity to discuss Social Intelligence and alcohol! This is why we decided to see what the most buzzed-about topics were on St. Patrick’s Day.
January 15, 2015
Synthesio tracked the online conversations around CES 2015 and found that UltraHD TVs were the most discussed topic and technology.
December 17, 2014
Social intelligence technology company Brandwatch expands its offerings with the acquisition of PeerIndex, an influencer-mapping technology company.
Peerindex and brandwatch
November 17, 2014
All the signs indicate that in the coming decades social media will become the only way consumers interact with brands. Banks and insurers will not be excluded from this trend. To ensure that your company is not playing catch up, it is important to start taking social media seriously now.
finance and social media
August 14, 2014
Likes, follows, shares -- oh my! The metrics from your social programs are encouraging and you've already gotten to the next layer with social insights. But are you still struggling to demonstrate value? Social media is the largest collection of consumer insights, but it takes time to warm your leadership team up to the possibilities -- and bottom line impact. Here are SEVEN signs you're ready to introduce what's next: Social Intelligence.

Turn Social Insights Into Business Strategy: How to Get Started with Social Intelligence

Does your organization have the foundations for Social Intelligence? Today’s leading organizations are gaining social intelligence by moving into the management and analysis of vast amounts of data, across multiple social sources, to activate, re-calibrate and optimize their...

Drive Customer Experience with Social Intelligence

Customer service has never been so public – whether its, good, bad or non existent – social media has provided consumers with a megaphone to broadcast their experiences to the world. In this ebook you will learn how to build social intelligence strategies that scale with your...