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social marketing strategy

September 18, 2015
Social media can be a powerful marketing tool for raising brand awareness, but it's often overlooked by small business owners because it can be tricky to measure the return on investment. Here's some tips to help maximize your social presence.
July 08, 2015
Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past two years, you’ve noticed Taylor Swift’s rise to ultimate stardom. The girl is everywhere. On the radio, in Diet Coke commercials, sweeping award shows and commanding BuzzFeed articles. While some would say that her billion dollar empire is just luck, Taylor knows exactly what she’s doing. She’s more than just a pretty face, she’s a marketing genius.
4 Things You Can Learn From Taylor Swift to Bring Fame to Your Firm | Social Media Today
July 07, 2015
Do you get lost when trying to find the right social media management tools for your business? It seems like a new app or social media tool is popping up every day, and many of them handle a lot of the same tasks. To make it easier, I've compiled a list of my absolute favorite social media tools that help my business to run more efficiently and cost effectively. It’s a mix of both free and paid tools but I’ve personally used everyone of them at some point in my career so I feel comfortable recommending them.
Top 19 Social Media Management Tools | Social Media Today
June 09, 2015
It's all about blogging, visuals, and keeping your social accounts live.
social marketing mistake
March 23, 2015
Yesterday I got a call from a potential client, and from the moment they get on the phone you can feel his panic! The first thing that I hear is “We need 50,000 followers”, I paused for a moment and then replied, “why?” The response I got was all too common, “My biggest competitor has 45,000 and I want to beat them”.
November 21, 2014
I think we can all agree that the internet is a non-stop avalanche of new ideas and informational products. So how can you to be expected to know what is crap and what is gold? There is no shortage of self proclaimed guru’s out there marketing all of the “secrets” of Facebook, and Linkedin, and Youtube and on and on.
November 06, 2014
Authenticity has unfortunately been turned into a boring corporate buzzword - often used, but without much meaning. However, without authenticity, your social marketing campaign will inevitably fail. It's up to you to make sure your social marketing stays authentic, which you can do with a little extra work.
August 22, 2014
Often times in the social media space we hear about how companies aren't realizing the value of their social marketing efforts. Based on my experience and observations, sometimes there are simple reasons why your social marketing efforts may be failing or not realizing their full potential. Here are 6 reasons why your social marketing efforts may be failing.
March 16, 2014
Are you avoiding Google+ because it’s a ghost town? Too complicated? Yet another thing to do and you haven’t gotten around to? In this interview with B.L. Ochman, Google+ coach and one of the most influential women in social media, you’ll learn why Google+ is a key tool in your marketing strategy.
June 16, 2013
A high-volume content space, requires a high-volume method. Whether you’re using a mentions alerts system, or a follow/unfollow system such as Manageflitter, or a third party app, you are going the automation way. And a dose of automation with the right level of observation is healthy.