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December 07, 2014
A recent eMarketer article reported that according to the National Retail Federation (NRF) and Prosper Insights & Analytics “Thanksgiving Weekend Spending Survey” overall shopper traffic was down this year while Black Friday online sales were up 20.6% year over year.
November 25, 2014
The restaurant industry is fully immersed in social. Everyone from your favorite fast food chain to the neighborhood diner is using social media to advertise products and connect with fans. But is everyone succeeding? Here are the top 25 restaurant brands in social and why McDonalds leads the industry.
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October 09, 2014
With so many social media management tools cropping up all over the place and prices ranging from tens of dollars to thousands of dollars, you need to be asking yourself, “Does my company really need to use a social media management tool?”
October 01, 2014
It is important to align your content to be optimized and equipped for social media engagement. But a warning to the wise. Keep the URLs simple and don’t change them too much.
September 14, 2014
Should you tweet, like, snap, or comment? This infographic breaks down the most popular social networks into digestible snippets, describing how they can be utilized, as well as highlighting their pros and cons. Learn how to best leverage each platform & start socializing!
September 04, 2014
Today's savvy business traveler knows the value social media can play in making their travels smoother and more productive. Read on for a holistic social media guide designed to help business travelers grow their personal networks, improve their craft and enjoy new cities.
August 27, 2014
It may seem counterintuitive, but there is actually good reason for why the content your business’ social media audience wants, is not the content your organization should be creating and publishing.
August 26, 2014
Whether by choice or by force, when it comes to finding a new job, your online reputation and network play a crucial role in finding your next gig. Are you prepared? Creating a network when you need it is too late.
August 14, 2014
In rare circumstances we can ‘love’ a brand but the brand can never love us back. But a person, that’s different. First, let’s compare some of the worlds most engaging social media users to their organizations. @BarackObama has 45M Twitter followers. The White House, enormously successful in organizational terms, only has around 10% of that.
August 08, 2014
We often plan our social media activities at the start of the week, but how many of us plan for the week’s end? To put your mind at ease before you head out for an actual weekend, use this Friday afternoon social media checklist.