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March 14, 2017
Social media analytics have the power to reveal potent opportunities to increase your engagement.
12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Social Analytics | Social Media Today
February 14, 2017
While there are many social analytics tools, the data provided by the platforms themselves offers significant value.
How to Use Built-In Social Media Analytics to Uncover Hidden Insights
December 16, 2016
How should digital marketers approach analytics? Barry Feldman asked some of the industry's top names for their advice.
5 Experts Explain How to Turn Marketing Analytics Into Effective Strategies | Social Media Today
December 04, 2016
Here's a framework to organize the metrics by which you can measure the impact and performance of your social media marketing efforts.
November 03, 2016
There are certain social media marketing metrics that need to be clarified to ensure you're on the right track.
3 Often Overlooked Digital Marketing Truths | Social Media Today
September 29, 2016
While Google analytics and social platform tools provide some understanding of audience behavior, these options can generate more in-depth data.
August 07, 2016
Social media metrics can provide valuable insights, but knowing which ones you need to track, relative to your business objectives, is the only way to achieve true success.
The Most Important Social Media Metrics (and Why You Should Care) | Social Media Today
July 21, 2016
Having access to more data via social is powerful, but to truly maximize social data, you first need to outline your key objectives, then match the data points against those KPIs.
How to Utilize Social Data to Measure Relevant Results | Social Media Today
October 03, 2015
Social media analysts mine vast amounts of social data for insights that can both show ROI and drive strategy. They' re often tasked not only with informing and measuring social media efforts, but with using social data to determine the best courses of action across the entire organization.
What it Takes to be a Social Media Analyst | Social Media Today
August 02, 2015
People like to talk about brands online. Whether it’s discussion about new products, bad customer service, funny commercials or even social media fails, these discussions are happening all day and every day on social networks and other online channels. Social media conversations come in all shapes and sizes but those that are positive have the potential to make your brand look good. Really good. And these discussions can help drive traffic to your website, create leads, increase brand loyalty and open up robust lines of communication with customers.
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