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social media and public relations

August 18, 2015
A former Australian politician created an anonymous Twitter account to voice his extreme and offensive views, often targeting specific individuals, yet hiding under a cloak of anonymity. But he was found out - another lesson in the potential fallout of abusing online communications mediums.
Former Politician Caught Out on Social Media – A Lesson in Anonymity and Data Tracking | Social Media Today
April 21, 2014
What are all the insomnia-induced newsfeed scrolling, hundreds of friends, and connections in social media for? It seems the age of information calls for virtualized relationships. I can’t argue with this, nor can I dismiss the fact that businesses need people to market to.
November 11, 2013
Social media and publicity go hand in hand. In fact, they need each other in order to function most effectively, as intelligent and responsive community management for a brand will often help or exacerbate a PR crisis as it unfolds in real time.